Saturday, August 30, 2008


to my cuzin whom is incarcerated. I guess I'll write him to tell him such. Wish him well you readers (all 4 of you)

Throwback track

beat is super nice

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Mighty Mos Def

Meka just posted this mos def song. its mad dope

Mos Def - The Glow

**i obviously swacked it from 2dopeboyz

Juan Epstein ft Nelly

Jordan talk...How did they not know the 11's were space jams?!? anyway Juan Epstein is always dope

Juan Epstein S2. E9.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ferris Bueller is super awesome forever

This movie is top 5 all time for me. AWESOME! As I watched it last night (for the 78562389568th time) I realized the slore who plays Sloane Peterson is one hot white chick. Now, not so much, but then..HOT! Anyway, its awesome and I'm still thinking bout copping the dunks that are dedicated to the movie. BUT it won't be this check as I copped the Game CD, Nightmare Before Christmas SE, 3 great T-shirts, and a new comforter (broncos bitches...FUCK THE EAGLES!). We'll see....

It's fun to do bad things

so Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg got the interview of a lifetime... Latarian Milton!!! its great give it a listen.

**link swacked from Rosenberg Radio

***click latarian name to hear the shit

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My list of top MCs

well actually favorite ever.

1. Jay-Z: i mean its pretty obvious. if you didn't like Kingdom Come. FUCK YOU! its good. Beat selection after track 7 = diarrhea. BUT its still good. as is vol1 and vol3. His catalog is unfuckwitable as far as a solo artist is concerned. ill stop now before i talk for hours. Last thing. He bodied Em on Renegade (stop cockriding Em's verses, JAY MURDERED THAT SHIT)

2. Black Thought: Maybe the most under-rated Emcee EVER! He spit hot Fiyah, (c) Chappelle as dylan, from Organix to Rising Down. Organix is the only Roots cd I don't own. SO I'm an expert when it come to Mr. Trotter. It seriously too easy for this man. I wish his solo joint woulda came out (which if you listen to Phrenology you can tell which joints ended up being yoked from his solo joint once they scrapped it) . And now after 20+ years of rhymesmithery he still killin it.

3. Mos Def: I LOVE all of his solo joints (Blackstar too but its not solo). I know people have a problem with him after Black on Both Sides, but I fuck with The New Danger and Tru3 magic heavy. He is a genius. I heard his solo act is nice (rtb was disappointing this year 08, but not last year 07). I hope The Estatic comes out sooner than later, but you never know...

4. Q-Tip: I hesitate to put him on because I'm gonna do a group list (ATCQ = Best Ever) but I'm a bigger Tip fan than Phife (although phife dawg holds it down). It also helps that Amplified was a super dope solo debut. Kamaal the Abstract is mad nice (search the net, youll find it). And rumor is The Renaissance is NICE. Gettin Up is def my ish(Went hard at RTB).

**Ill have to think about the rest. I mean i have to find where BIG, dmx, rakim, common etc go. Rakim is the God but he also fell off over time, arguably, cats like Jay, Common never did.

***again sorry for the wack pics...i dont have photoshop at work

Gza Pro Tools

First off, I don't do reviews because my preception of a cd changes A LOT. Cept if its straight trash. I haven't heard Gza's Pro Tools and wasn't planning to until I read the HHDX review, and more importantly Byron Crawford's. Bol actually DIDN'T shit on the cd, he actually reviewed it, and gave it some high marks. I'm astonished. Off the strength of that alone I may buy it.

Juan Epstein

So I listen to the Cipha Sounds/Rosenberg radio show (Hot97) everyday and fast forward the songs(thx to the zshare link (cuz im in LA not NYC)) and listen to EVERY Juan Epstein (named after a character in Welcome Back Kotter) after podcast. IDK why I haven't mentioned how fuckin awesome Juan Epstein is. From the tomfoolery, [II] moments, and nerding, its my cup of tea. You NEED to get familiar.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Team USA Bitches!

Gold. I stayed up watchin this shit til what...130ish knowing i had to get up for work at 5am!! well worth it. as long as we got the gold in basketball im good.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My new #1


i know its been out for a long while but i was reminded of such

Jay-Z X T.I. X Kanye X Weezy

BOBO emailed it. So I post it.

Swagger Like Us

**pic yoked from 2dbz

Friday, August 22, 2008

Von Pea offers challenge to Game and Bow Wow

Von Pea = Damn fool. lmao @ this joint

spotted at DonDub's spot

Wale X State Prop in studio

I wasn't around yesterday to post this but here it is courtesy of the Best Of Both Offices. Plus my new favorite rapper is in it. Hint: You probably know him from the rap.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Esso X 2dopeboyz present The Gardens

The Gardens

*its dope

Kam Moye - Black Enough

I saw this video posted somewhere... anyway, I was sent the link via email, and this is a powerful song. I HOPE all of you have downloaded his free Self Centered EP. its over at RappersIknow

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rock The Bells Pix

Ok ok. I got pics from Rock The Bells 08 for yall finally…if u care. SuperNat intro’d Wale after Jay Elect didn’t show. Then Supernat jumped on with Scratch for a great freestyle session. Dead Prez took the stage. This was the first of many PHENOMINAL performances (Wale is dope buit he just kinda stood there and walked around). Murs up next, he rocked it. Then he brought out the legend DJ Quik for a joint. Then Immortal Technique. Followed by Kid Capri getting live, before The God MC Rakim took the stage. Then my 2nd fav group ever De La Soul ripped it to shreds. There was a Mek Dot sighting. Followed by The Chef and IronMan (ghost and rae for u retards). Then Reggie Noble held it down until Meth finally came. Then they rocked together. Black Eyed Peas special guested. 9th walked on stage for a bit (this was hours after I initially spotted him and got a fanboy peace from duke) The Pharcyde was next, this is when my pics started to suck and I stopped taking them. Mos Def after The Pharcyde. Then Nas, then Q-Tip for a couple song before it turned into the Tribe. This turned into a short summary but oh well. This time I have pics.

** i dont have pics of the hot chicks we were with or myself or teddy or c-los. but if u want to see them (hot chicks im guess u want) then ask. but here's teddy in his youth (its blurry but he'll be mad so i win)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

my favoritest pt 2

so i did a post on my favorite song(s), and now I'm thinking about my favorite cd. It's extremely difficult my initial reactions are Reasonable Doubt, 36 Chambers, Its Dark and Hell is Hot, and Brandy (94, i dont care what u have to say about it being on the list). It may not be something on this list, but I'll give it a night and report back tomorrow on what i have for u.

Sidenote: RTB pics and tomfoolery tomorrow. Forgot the usb link for the iPhone at home.

Drip Drop

so The Game's LAX is leaking...and Fuck this man for wanting Hov to "put ya name in a song". He will take your soul Mr. Taylor, so i suggest you back off....

Click here for a link to several leaked joints (most are edited...BOO!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rock The Bells 08

WOW! What an event! It might have been better than 07. Between the tomfoolery, music, and people it was quite the show. Met up with M Dot and Mandy before the show. It was great to link with the DX/dopeboy crew. Lets get right into it.

First of all, we got there at 10am!! Me, Teddy Twayne, cinDy, Maria, and Carlos. Anywho first up was Wale (cuz Jay Elect showed up too late for his set, booooo). Wale wasn’t too much of a performer (but it was hotter than death), but I am a huge Wale fan, so I was excited and screaming lyrics. It surprised me that he did “breakdown” as it doesn’t seem many people are up on that song (although it’s featured on the new Madden). Next, Dead Prez set the stage ablaze. Going thru the normal songs of they set. It was still exciting to see the reaction they got for a SMALL crowd, at the time. They also convinced Teddy, since he said could have done without, he swiftly recanted. Everyone literally went dumb to Hip-Hop (arguably their biggest song). Next Supernatural and Scratch took the stage for the first time. Supernat did his usual freestyle bout whatever is thrown on stage/in my hand. And again as usual that shit was SUPERB. Some on the lines were easy and anyone could have called, but most were mind-boggling. Scratch!! His beatbox/turntable shit is ridiculous. Its not human I tell you. Next on the bill was MURS!!! I rep the west hard, so Murs is always a must see for me. He did some Felt shit, which I was excited to hear. Did some of the 9th joints, and a couple off of Murs for President. The most exciting part of his set is when he brought MUTHA FUCKIN DJ Quik out. I went went crazy (teddy went crazier). He performed Tonite. Then they both said see ya. Immortal Technique took the stage next. I’m not big on IT so I took a piss during his set and came back and saw 2 songs by him. Teddy was shocked and appalled at some of his “raw” lyrics. Funny sidenote chino xl was walking around like a sucka on stage during the IT set.

Now the show really got ill. Kid Capri got on stage and ripped a nice DJ mix. He is a REAL DJ, not some internet fag that screams over “exclusive” tracks. Shortly there after The God took the stage. RAKIM! Flawlessly spitting songs that have paved the way for EMCEE’s for over 2 decades. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people that knew the lyrics of most of his songs. Microphone Fiend set it off for me. Kid Capri kept it interesting with his shouts, and reciting of lyrics. The whole set was just so infectious and oozed the old school. I was I grew up in the 80’s… Next was De La Soul. 2nd best of the day imo. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DE LA SOUL. It was exciting to see them. Pos was rocking the new ?uesto’s (I’m jealous). They made sure the crowd was involved from beginning to end. De La was rippin it, but they really got live when Mase jump off the turntables and grabbed the mic. The trio came alive. Amazing performance. After De La, I spotted Jay Electronica on stage (jerk). Anywho, Ghost and Rae were on next. They blazed it. They are great performers, but luckily they had great shit. Rae was super high and forgetting lyrics, but it looked like u tried to get the crowd to recite em (not). Ghost was pretty flawless, and they did plenty of 36 chambers. They had the audacity to tell us OBFCL2 was coming is February. Why lie to us like that. Daytona 500 made me go nuts. They held it down. Also I spotted 9th Wonder on the side of the stage. As well as Jamie Kennedy of all people lol. Oh, and when it was quiet I screamed “9th!” hit him with the peace, he hit me back. (yes I’m a fan boy and that made me excited).

Red and Meth were on next. Meth was super late so Red held it down. Then outta nowhere Meth runs on stage and gets it live. If you haven’t seen either of these 2, they give a hell of a performance. When they both came in the crowd it got nuts. At one point I helped Red on his feet (yes I’m a stanly and had to point that out). They set got cut short, but they fuckin served that shit. The special guest was on next. We were all guessing and we were all wrong. It was the Black Eyed Pea’s. Now I was left fuck this. BUT! said they would only do the songs from the 98’ LP ___ so I was like cool, no pop BS. They kept it cool. I wasn’t excited but I happy it wasn’t bad. Who can’t remember Joints & Jams? Then Supernat intro’d 9th Wonder who taking pics of ppl and the corwd. Then came The Pharcyde. Best part of they set was esily Fat Lip singing Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative. AWESOME. It was great to see a pioneering westcoast..HIPHOP group back together. I was elated when they did Ya Mama. I mean Runnin and Drop are dope as fuck, best I didn’t expect Ya Mama. Of course they faked leaving and then “encore” performed Passin Me By, which Power 106’s Big Boy called them back on stage for.

Next on tap was the Mighty Mos Def. I was geeked, but his set was the Most disappointing. Half of it was just playing music and halfway singing to it. He did do Travelin Man tho, which is arguably my fav Mos song. This is really all I will say about Black Dante. On deck, NAS! Last year nas did 4 songs and left this year, he got down. He did 3 or 4 Nigg..i mean joints from Untitled. About half of Illmatic!! OMG! He set it off. Hip-Hop is Dead, Got urself a gun, Nas is Like, ONE MIC! Dope. He definitely rocked that MF! All the pain in my legs went away during this set. He NY state of Mind, It Ain’t Hard to Tell, Life’s a Bitch, The world is yours…. C’mon man!! Fuck. Amazing. LASTLY and the best part of the day kicked off with Q-Tip, accompanied by Mos Def. He did his MF thing. He was super hype. Sucka Nigga, Breathe and Stop, Vivrant thing, Getting Up. DOPE!!! Then A TRIBE CALLED QUEST! Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed, and Jarobi! Wow. Buggin Out, Jazz(we got), Scenario, Find a Way, Bonita Applebum, Oh My God, Check the Rhime, Electric Relaxation, Award Tour!! Im sure I for got some, BUT FUCK! Man, that shit is indescribable. It was a dream come true to see them. I mean the other groups too, but this is ATCQ!!!

So concluded the festival, there will be a shorter part 2 for the tomfoolery

** pics coming soon, the PC here at work is acting up

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Snuff Me P

before he sucked, got beat up a bunch and went to jail

Monday, August 4, 2008

new boaz

i dropped some song by Boaz here before with wack lyrics and good beat. This time I got Crazy World. This song isn't bad at all and has a Jamiroquai sample. The producer is the same cat that churned out Say Yeah by Wiz Khalifa. Pitt in the building.

Boaz - Crazy World

OG ready to die

Man this shit is mad ill. the uncleared sample versions are doper, the unheard lyrics from The What are FIRE, pete rock versions have sick drums, DAMN!....if you haven't d/l this already you better!

Ready to Die (the originals)

**link yoinked from 2dbz

Sunday, August 3, 2008


todays new rapper series is the new talk of the net. Three-1-Zero's 99 Lakers LP. I heard about this before it dropped and my homeboy, who's know duke, put me on. I should have been the first person besides the artist to post it, but oh well. It's damn great and a creative idea in the land of monotony that we call hiphop. If he continues to drop hot shit like this... watch out west coast. Shouts to byron, and Teddy.


Friday, August 1, 2008

New favorite artists

Im gonna start doin posts everyday on my NEW favorite rappers. Not necessarily my favorite’s period, just at this point in time.

First on deck is Wale. The DMV representative kills everything he does. All the damn mixtapes is bangin and a new deal (which is not a guaranteed good look, we’ll see). Hopefully he can come with an album sooner than later. I listen to Hate is the New Love, Paint a Picture, 100 miles and runnin, and Mixtape About Nothing in the regular rotation. Maybe even more so than anything else at the moment. He does it for the capital Wale Ovechkin… Oh, my fav lyric from the kid is “I’m never gon lose my shoes are Undefeated” - Wale Revere (paint a picture)

**link courtesy of the dopeboyz