Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Save Che Grand

please sign this online petition to help Che Grand get a proper release for Everything's Good Ugly. we need this cd and we need for Che Grand to not quit this hiphop ish.

shouts to rockthedub for starting this.

Convinced Refreshing Freestyle #7

Convinced |Refreshing Freestyle Countdown #7-Nas from Convinced Music on Vimeo.

Refreshing Freestyle #7

Monday, September 29, 2008


fuckin amazing! how did i miss this?

via SOP


Mister Cee talks B.I.G.!!

Refreshing freestyle #6

Convinced | Refreshing Freestyle Countdown #6-Jay-Z from Convinced Music on Vimeo.

Convinced Refreshing Freestyle #6

310 girth blog is no more

The homie Byron just showed me the email he received of the Girth blog being shut down. This is terrible. *tears up* (not really) now where will Three 1 Zero drop his knowledge?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bowties & Rosaries by Overdoz

found at creamie says [II]. Bowties & Rosaries is the new mixtape from overdoz. I'm def feeling the artwork. its not an overwhelmingly great mixtape, but its not bad. The singing, which sounds like its done by the rapper, is not bad at all. I might say he should do an all R&Bish type cd/mixtape and it'd probably work better. Roses & Daises and neckbreaker (beat is hard) are my favorite tracks. Shouts to Byron!

**click image for the download

Classic cut

I remember seeing this when it was first posted, well its todays classic joint

Miss Jack Davey

what's up with my current obsession with skinny broads? I normally like em thick with a fat ass and big chimmys... anyway, like I briefly mentioned a couple posts ago, miss jack davey is the new #1 on the hit list (cassie had recently took the spot, REPLACED). I saw Miss Jack Davey in person a while ago, but I froze up!! I shoulda asked for a pic or at least said Hi...pathetic. Anyway her beauty is unsurpassed (at least for today). So this goes out to you miss davey. I just wanna take you on a ride tonight

Janelle Monae Many Moons

dope Janelle Monae video spotted at dondub's spot.

**its 6am im hungry as fuck and tired as fuck. all i have is a green tea.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boaz Gettin Mine


every track #2 on every ATCQ cd is dope. idk, i just thought was weird. I think every track #2 for every cd should be dope, why not make the album start off bangin.

oh yea, that George Bush crap last night..was common knowledge if you watch the propganda that is fox news, or any news really. anywho, it made me miss The Simpsons and that was not pleasant. Plus McCain's cop out of the debate is preposterous. I don't think Obama can fix the mess bush is leaving but he sure is a better choice (both VP's suck donkey balls. but at least I'd let Palin actually suck my balls hiaayyooooo). And really i long to see the day a Green Party or Independent wins.

lastly, this "it ain't trickin if you got it" BS needs to stop. Got it or not, if she not ur bitch, or she a jumpoff, or whatever, its FUCKIN trickin on her. We're not talkin dinner and/or hangin out or Starbucks, but if you droppin dough on this broad, its fuckin trickin fam... shouts to Cipha Sounds and rosenberg

**anyone get the pic?

Refreshing Freestyle #4

You email me your freestyle at 530am!!! That's grindin and hustlin. You really want your shit up, not to mention since E-Dub sent me a couple joints I been ridin with the kid Convinced. So listen to Refreshing Freestyle #4!

**for some reason i'm having problems posting the vimeo vid...its odd
sidebar: i havent ranted in a while, so ill do that a lil later

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

U-N-I Yesterday

So I'm talkin to E-Dub and outta nowhere he hits me with the link for some new U-N-I. I believe its from the new Creme de la Creme mixtape that dropped today. btw, this song is mad DOPE.

U-N-I - Yesterday

you know i stole the link from 2dbz

Oh and supposedly the Soul Hop video is coming soon (I SURE FUCKIN HOPE SO).

Young Chris

New Young Chris Ft BJ - Money on my Mind From the Never Die Mixtape hosted by DJ Drama and DJ Omega

courtesy of BOBO

Monday, September 22, 2008

Paris Tokyo Remix

finally this shit dropped.

Paris Tokyo Remix ft Q-Tip Sarah Green & Pharrell

courtesy of 2dopeboyz

Classic track X Story time

IDK how the fuck I forgot to mention my absolute favorite part of the N*E*R*D/Common show from 9/14. When Com dropped NY State of Mind. He spit the whole first verse up to the hook. I went nuts yelling and screaming lyrics. I was sweating. Since we was in LA he obviously said "LA state of mind" fuck that! the song is NY State of Mind so i said NY State of Mind. Either way, that was my shit. I was crazy excited when it dropped. Took me back a month ago when i saw Nas at RTB. anywho, thought I'd get that out.


Introducing....Convinced from Eighty's Baby on Vimeo.

spotted at Eightys Baby spot and he said it best: Artist Convinced:" To gear up for his upcoming release REFRESHING, Convinced has decided to drop a freestyle or song DAILY to get everyone hype for the release. So as what eye thought often does, we’re bringing to you first. So check out the jam and the video and make it do what it do"

Convinced Refreshing Freestyle #1

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

88 Keys

i'm soooo excited for the death of adam. this snippet is mind blowing. now i know they've been out but this is in rotation (as a snippet!!!)

88 Keys ft J*Davey - Dirty Peaches

**miss jack davey is my 1b, while cassie is still the new 1a.

Illa J ft Guilty Simpson

R U Listenin (clean)

Travis Barker X DJ AM

They were injured severely in a place crash, and 4 others died. Shit is wild. I hope Mr Barker is straight, and his partner too (i guess).

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wake Up

just when u like ur life and are about to do something to fulfill ur dreams...life says FUCK YOU and u have to grind it out even more than u already are.... ill do it live, fuck it

Pac Div - Wake Up

Baron Davis skating

B Diddy. Hilarious. I know its old, but i forgot about it

Juan Epstein is back!

the return of Juan Epstein!! HOORAY!!

link and pic jacked from DontGetGassed

new #1

on my white girl hit list

pic swacked for the dopeboyz

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Buddy 12" remix

todays classic is not just a video, its a song. The 7 minute version from the 12" single of De La Soul's Buddy. Featuring EVERYONE. lol. Just the native tongue collective. enjoy the greatness.

De La Soul - Buddy 12" single remix

Young Mav On My Way 2 the Top Prod. Tru Heat Ent.

New Young Mav video. The fam from Tru Heart Ent. on the beat (the real reason im posting). Shouts to Q, Tommy, and Teddy.

N*E*R*D X Common Show

its 6am and I having a great time listenin to the R. Kelly interview. HILARIOUS!! how old we talkin? 19? LMFAO

Anywho, the N*E*R*D and Common show at The Wiltern was super dope. There was plenty of tomfoolery inside and out. Chester French got it poppin. Now if your not...GET FAMILIAR! These preppy white boys are dope. Only complaint I have, is when introducing the band D.A. blatantly skipped the two black guys...Anywho, there was this select group of random people dancing in the pit. its was painfully hilarious to see they're awkward white dancing (even tho one guy was black). BUT this one old ass dude was FUNCTIONING!! all throughout the night.

Once N*E*R*D took the stage, it really got ill. They were sans Chad (Me and Alex SCREAMED "Where's Chad!?" and several times Pharrell heard us, but never answered...bastard). Regardless once Anti-Matter dropped it was over. They obviously did mostly Seeing Sounds songs, but did a couple Fly or Die, and did a great little In Search Of... medley which included my favorite joint (Run To The Sun). Shit got heavy when Pharrell thought it'd be a good idea to invite every female in the joint on stage, then every female in the joint tried to get on stage. Security getting punked by a bunch of bitches = PRICELESS! and Pharrell sexually harrassing women mid song (Everybody Nose) was even better. Mayhem was restored and we now waited for Com.

We didn't wait long. Common hit the stage. Com's stage was set-up like a crappy bar/club. He invited some ugly slore on stage to rap to for about half the show. Lucky slore. He was dressed in this suspect leather jacket, but I'll give him a pass. SIDEBAR: The Shoe game of the people on stage (artists and band member) was SERIOUS, especially Common. He did like 4-5 songs from Universal Mind Control (formerly Invincible Summer), they went so hard. Gladiator was HARD [II], and Universal Mind Control (the single) was WAAAY better live. He did A LOT of Be material. No complaints, cept that he didn't do much older stuff (I mean at least 6th Sense c'mon!!!). Come Close live, there is nothing like. He brought Pharrell out for about half his set. And Common got to breaking on stage, it was serious. He IS a B-Boy. I spotted Taz Arnold and apl.de.ap in the crowd. Shortly there after, Common brought out Will.I.Am to freestyle. Will's free was aight, but his kicks were fuckin AMAZING. Then he left and Com free'd, and served the fuck out of it. That's how the fuck you freestyle. He closed with Gladiator and the band kept it going after he left, DOPE FUCKIN SHOW. Then the goon squad and I shuffled out.

oh yea, i gave Meka a FREE ticket and he lives 4 minutes from the venue. he didn't come. LAZY

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Luda interview. Good looking to BOBO

Common performs Gladiator

video of Common performing Gladiator off his upcoming (maybe) LP Universal Mind Control (formerly invincible summer). I was there, I'll post the pix on Thursday (i forgot my usb link, SUE ME!) Chester French + N*E*R*D + Common = super awesome (Meka you really missed out, and your eagles lost HA!) Common started breaking at one point. B-Boy for real. TOOO dope!

Universal Mind Control

**vid spotted at 2dbz

Sunday, September 14, 2008


so Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan fame) uploaded a rough version of his self titled joint (out 2010 lol) and it was rar'd up. I cant open rar on my comp at work cuz i cant install anything (winrar etc). I commented on his site that i was taking a L on that one. BUT being an extremely nice person, Mr. Pea re-up'd it in a zip just for bananaclipse. ThANK YOU VON!

Gordon Gartrell Radio

Don't you look at me in that tone of voice -Tigallonious

lol. another great installment of Gordon Gartrell Radio. I know im late but whatever. Phonte on fatherhood.

GGR #9

Boring (c)homer simpson

Work at 6am SUCKS!

love lockdown
would be WAAAY better with a re-worked hook. cmon Ye, don't let me down

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

a day to remember

rumor has it The Blueprint classic/couldn't even be stopped by Bin Laden

* i guess Kanye can be remembered as well
***and the 9/11 terrorist attacks (with questionable government actions and possible involvement) if your feeling nostalgic like that

Monday, September 8, 2008

are they serious?

Little momma all up on a nigga like a coat/I got the perfect thang that'll coat her throat - Kurupt "Candy"

I guess if they can't get it real, they find a substitute. this is almost as bad as that dora the explorer toy that looks like a dildo. almost.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

its time to get hype

just a couple of songs I go fuckin crazy to

Ante-Up- one of the guiliest joints ever.

Da Goodness- Shake ya stankin ass

Check the Rhime- Maybe my favorite Tribe song period.

Gimme the Loot- Gave me dreams of being a stick up kid

Simon Says- The song with an uncleared that's leading me to pay 50 bucks for the cd online since its no longer in print

*bonus* Little Brother - Hold On: this was on the euro release of The Minstrel Show (classic). I was pissed when i acquired it. Cuz this shit is FIRE! 9th at his best. plus you the lyrics is right.

Zo! & Tigallo - Steppin Out 08

OG version better than the mix that made the album.... I wonder why it was changed?


i just listened to the timbo/tpain joint (dont ask why) but it definitely works better as a tpain joint.

classic track

best Premo beat ever!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Game Vs Bow Wow madden

I just got the txt from M Dot that The Game served Fagborghini Moss 55-23 in NFL Madeen 09. after all the trash talk he got he ass penetrated super [II] (not like his bodyguard did some yrs back). After all the tomfoolery I'm glad Game won (he from LA). Plus his cd is not half bad (only like 1/3 bad).

back in effect

So I get sick for 3 days and the internet world is rampant with material and news.

-The most important is the 2dopeboyz mixtape

-Meka interviewed The Pharcyde

-Unreleased Lauryn Hill!!!

-songs featuring Wale; and the daddy kisser (lil wayne), and Timbo ft teddy pain

- Ne-Yo ft Fabolous and Jamie Foxx

-Murs tracklist and artwork

there's more but I'm still sick and with a major headache. that should satisfy some of your hunger for now.

**if you hadn't noticed all links courtesy of 2dopeboyz

Monday, September 1, 2008

fav list

I decided to scrap the favorite rapper list. I just can't do it. I can list about 15 0f my favoritest emcee's but ranking them...not possible. The top 3; Jay Black Thought and Mos..thats all im sure of. Beyond that Biggie, common, tip, nas, rakim, talib, phonte 90's kurupt, dmx, lupe, andre3k, big boi, ghostface, rae, meth, murs, pharoahe monch... you get the picture