Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So the HAWKS! are 2-2 with the Celtics! They could easily be 3-1, or win out the series. I hope they do. I’ve always said that J-Smoove not going top 10 in the draft some years back was ridiculous. Now look! He’s the all-around threat I predicted, with his passing, handle and shoot all vastly improving. JJ is turning into the superstar as well. These 2 should form a sick duo for years. Not mention the supporting cat with Marvin Williams and Josh Childress. They still need a long term point and a center, but Horford can do all the big man work for now.

Inspired by hugh at SOP.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Part 1 and 2

fuck it one more

Jay-Z - deshawn stevenson diss?

you got that right. Hov got "hyphy" and sonned DeShawn Stevenson. wow. funny tho. This has got completely outta hand. But the Lebron's (cavs) beat em today!

Jay-Z - DS Diss

link and photo swanked from 2dbz

Friday, April 25, 2008


so ive just seen several vids of GITD and now im convinced Ye was really crying at our show, becuz he was fine during others.


this cat snuck in a camera into the Kanye show, here's what I saw...check his other vids too


Hit STUNTINONPROSE for additional coverage and opinions of Sean Bell's murderers being set free.

Preach my brother preach this blog is what the people need to see

a serious WTF!

'Fuck the police that's how I treat em, we buy our way outta jail but we can't buy freedom.'

Ye was so right. And now Sean Bell's death is once again in vien. RIP my brotha. This is the shit I'm talkin bout man. wtf! Emmett Till, Rodney King, now Sean Bell. There are much more but these are landmark. How much longer is this gonna happen? Forever is my guess. The 2nd biggest gang in America will always prevail. The police. The 1st is even worse, the gov'ment. People always be like 'why u say Fuck the police' hhhmm I wonder. They take us out anyway they can. No uniforms and not identifying they self and only suspect that one person is holdin, but they dump 51 shells(31 by one officer wtf!!!) after 1 cat who aint do shit, or have shit. What a fuckin’ country we live in, where they get acquitted for that shit. And the mutha fuckin judge says the witnesses (2 who got hit with those shots) didn't sound credible and make no sense. MF I outta knock some into u and those piggies via my own 51 shots! Fuck the police! That's how I see em/ we buy our way outta jail but WE CAN'T BUY FREEDOM!

Drug dealer buy Jordans, crackhead buy crack And THE GOVERNMENT get paid off of all of that

I am the American dream/The rape of Africa/The undying machine/The overpriced medicine/The murderous regime/The tough guy's front/And the one behind the scenes (lemme put you on game)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stadium Status

So I went to GITD you bitches! Tuesday night was super awesome forever. No pix, those MF were not playin bout no flash photography. Anywho lets start the show . . .

Well Lupe Fiasco started the show, and showed a much improved performance than he used to give. The 2 hot chicks on his album were there, Nikki Jean and Sarah Green, along with a bunch of his other weed-carrying brethren. Anywho, his performance was very punk infused. Not mention that it seems EVERYONE now performs with live band backing them, I think its awesome. He was jumping up and down, somehow was lying on his back (no haux maux) at one point, and shouted the last chorus to Daydream like a rock song as well. Very good, impressive and exciting. A LOT of people didn’t know the words to songs that weren’t singles (as was the case the whole night but whatever, they all cant be me right? or can they?), a bit annoying but what can I do. His other piff pockter Matt Santos wasn’t as bad as people had been saying live.

Now on to N*E*R*D. This is the whole reason why I went (well its not, but I was most excited to see them). They kicked off with “Brain”. Again, no one knew any of there songs expect Lapdance, the cockriders and slore’s just wanted to see Pharrell. Again you all know Skateboard P so the show was very punk influenced. Oh, and Shay was on one mic and Chad on the keys (for those who care…*crickets*). The joint everyone went nuts to was Everybody Nose, awesome song, a club banger(from what I here) and hasn’t got any radio play (songs bout white bitches snortin coke in the bathroom, seriously there’s been worse). They said the CD will drop June 10th, I’ll believe it when its in my hands. Nobody “Spazzed” to the song, but me and the homie was jumpin up and down and shit (to the displeasure of our accompanying female counterparts). In the end Pharrell jumped off stage and ran around the venue, with his fat ass security laggin behind. NERD is better for smaller venues without assigned seating to rock out! Seriously

Bring on the Michael Jackson lookalike. Now I wasn’t excited to see Rihanna at all. But I figured she had a good show! Wrong, Wrong! ((c) Charlie Murphy). She really cant sing (no surprise) but when you don’t have overpowering vocals you need to perform well. She was worthless! So then you’d figure ok, this bitch is eyecandy for that ass. NOPE! She don’t have a fatty, her outfits were ugly as fuck, her dancing (if that’s wat you call it) sucked, it was a trainwreck. Still, worst of all, she straight looked like Michael Jackson. She was pale as fuck with a boyish haircut and red ass lipstick (*throws up in mouth*). It almost ruined the night.

Enter Mr. West. Now I’ve seen him before. If you went to the Touch the Sky tour you know it was about the music. A live band, a live string set for Christ’s sake. This time it was about the performance. Although he didn’t get the million dollar lighting system he wanted, it was servin. The lighting and weird fake planet stage was a great touch. The Graduation shit did play on the “stadium status” he wanted, and the other shit still went very hard[II]. His whole premise was being on a spaceship, and it breaking down landing on a planet and then powering up, with some performance in between, then going home. Not a bad idea, and the way he transitioned the songs was genius. Oh, and he had on the those custom Nike’s on, lucky ass. He broke down during Hey Mama, and idk if his “crying” was genuine or an act, but I tend to lean on real, cuz fuck his moms did pass not too long ago (in the “all falls down” type vein, wat a coincidence). All in all it was fucking GREAT. Not to mention I sat ultra close. *readys fifty laugh* HAHA!

**dont hate on the pic, i said we didnt have any pix at the concert, and we don't have photoshop at work

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Best of Both Worlds (no r. kelly)

Alright so we didn't take very many pix at the concert (you know cuz we was enjoyin that shit)so here is what we got. Got a couple** joints Alex shot while this mf was driving! Then of course we got pix of the main event, and then some random tomfoolery***.

**this mf took a pic and didnt tell us shit
***last thing we saw before we left, pure hilariousness.

Monday, April 21, 2008

i missed out

there was a Evening with Pete Rock at the Guitar Center in Hollywood last night. I missed it because i had work and cuz the whole Jay-Z concert thing lol. Anywho, M dot went, and got to meet Jay Electronica!!! Lucky Bastard. Here's his photo log of the event.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Its a celebration

So at the end of Mary's set she played the opening to Flashing Lights!! Kanye's Stadium Status is correct. That shit hit hard!!! Now I'm even more geeked for Glow in the Dark on Tuesday!!

Heart Of The City

So I went to the Heart of the City Jay-Z and Mary J Blige concert. BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! That is the defintion of a performance. The Dream opened. Duke sucks balls. He should stick to writing people shit. But Mary FUCKIN killed it. They started with "Can't Knock the Hustle", after that my voice was already gone. Then it was Mary's set. She is amazing. Simply incredible. Not like these current "singers" that cant can't a lick. Not a second after I turned to the homie (who got me the ticket for cheap!!!!) to say "i hope she does 'sweet thing'", POW! it drops**. After her looooonnnnngg set, enter Hov. He started with Roc Boys, and it was over from there. Like he said after songs, "he got a million of those". He went through about half of American Gangster. I went nutz to EVERY song. From PSA, Dead Pres pt2, Can I Live, Show Me What You Got, Big Pimpin, His verse in Upgrade U, I Know, the list goes on. My absolute fav was U Don't Know. With a live mutha fuckin band! It was just an all-around incredible experience. Best day of my life! Then when we left we swiped some bags from the VIP section (lol). Got 4 shirts, 2 women 2 men. So my homegirl gets a I saw Hova and you didn't but you can have this shirt. She's very bitter. I would be too. We cruised the strip then bounced. I'll upload the pix when my homie emails them joints.

**that is my favorite song, regardless of genre and version, i like both her and Chaka Khan's.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

bouncing in the Lex Luger

So I gotta say I'm sorry to the 5 people who visit this space. I had a bad week, but I will be posting on the regular. I'm going to see Heart of the City in Vegas today on some RANDOM ish, yay me. Then Sunday I can hopefully get off work early to see Just Bleeezy @ the Guitar Center, and finally I'm going to see Mr. West and company (already have seen silk-shirts, I'm just geeked for N*E*R*D). So I'll review these events and post such. I hope your jealous!

***I don't like posting from my phone cuz I can't make look pretty, but oh well. I'll start doing it and fix it later.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not bad meaning bad


You know how guys and girls be like “I’m done with guys/girls”. They are big fat liars. I never say that, I just say I need a break from so and so, or dating in general. Annoying girls suck. I mean there is only so long I can stare at your rack before I get tired of your shit. No matter what J Burn says about how bad she is, she gotta kick rocks unless her attitude is right. And the coke bottle baby is over-rated unless her face is right. Too many of my boys will get at a chick for a luscious booty, or phenomenal jugs. I need a pretty face first. Not to say I’ve never strayed but fuck, butter-heads face get outta hand, thus the butter-head term. I’d honestly settle for some sub par bitties((c)von pea) if they were cool as fuck. Cuz lawrdy knows I can’t take no BS.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

if hip-hop is dead I'm the embelming fluid

this weezy song was posted on a few places the past couple days and i slept on it. cuz you know, he sucks balls now. I may be wrong first "a millie" and then this, he seems to be steppin it up again. Maybe the CIII will be decent. Although I don't think he'll ever top the imfamous "i'll leave you missin like the fuckin o'bannon's".

Lil Wayne - Lisa Marie courtesy of 2DBZ

What it is

been bored, found this...ILL! I can't wait for his new joint. I believe it will drop sometime this year since he's on a indie that's not gonna fuck his life over.
** and for a bonus Travelin Man (remix) although only slightly different from the original, its different nonetheless. may be my fav mos track (yes maybe even over Umi Says and mathematics).
****ahh hell one more

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the imfamous

the imfamous battle between Jay and DMX was supposedly won by DMX, but if you know anything DMX verse was written already. It's from "Get It Right" from Dran On's first cd. So by virtue of that alone Jay should take the W. Cuz its a FREESTYLE battle, not a written rhyme for a cd no one aint gonna listen to (cept me apparently) battle.

Spttin game from the range rover pt 1

this is dedicated to my favorite Hov songs. Be it featured, solo, collabo album, watever. so in no order. . .

Best Of Both Worlds: now its a couple songs on this joint that went hard [II]. It was a cool cd, and a GREAT idea until Kellz was revealed as Mike Jackson pt 2, only he was on tape.

Where I'm From: He reps marcy tough on this joint. He serves the killer beat. This is S dot at his finest. This has to be a top 5 career song.

Come and Get Me: He killed the whole damn joint. the first verse was bananas, but when the beat switches he continues the verbal assault. "s dot carter turn rappers into martyrs"

Dead Presidents (og version): This is what made Jay my favorite. I could've done with both versions on RB but this was my fav (pt 2 was still mega dope). And the beat and the flow are PERFECT together.

Never Change: If I was gonna cry when hearing a song (never happened) this would be it. He goes in on a very soulful track.

Ride or Die: This spawned the classic quoteable "S carter, ghostwriter/ and for the right price I can even make yo shit tighter". rumor is that he was goin hard [II] at Mason Betha on this. Whoever it was, got ether'd (can i use that in a jay post).

more on this later

Gold Dust

I really can't believe this shit! wow

Hov said this was a funny dude.

**pic yoked from SOP and link from 2DBZ

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm not late on this I just wasn’t around to post it. I cant imagine this is real. BUT! I find it to be funny as hell. SERIOUSLY! Who ever did this is awesome. A part of me hopes this is the cover. And HHDX just posted news that CIII got detox'd (read push back) again

** pic yoked from 2DBZ (even tho its literally everywhere)

Black People do this, white people do that

comment for MR Soul:
">He wasn't the racist african stereotype he suggests, what a let down lmao.>

you're not the first person to say that. literally."

That's funny and sad (not really) all at once. I didn't really expect M-dot to be some feed the children black panther wanna-be, but I will say I expected him to be a bit taller (pause?). But seriously stereotypes as effd as they may be, are so for a reason. For every hard-working black (afro-amer, or what ever is politically correct) person is the States, there is a person that me and T refer to as the "Nigga". They do "niggerish" (thx daniel) things. And these people (who are oppressed a tad bit) ruin it for the rest and perpetuate these thoughts of all black people. Like BET does. Same goes for beaners (read mexican or hispanics), chinks (asians),etc. Is it fair? NO. Is it funny? sometimes. If you have a tat in LA, if your not white, the 1-time assumes you are from a gang and harass you. Like I'ma shoot someone in a cut shirt and basketball shorts. Anyway, instead of keeping stereotypes alive we should try and break them, but those few people will always eff it up. So lets just make fun of people who are different together.

**call me racist if you want. but im really only weary of white ppl
***that pic made my day
*****i could write a 100000 page paper on this, but yall get where im going. especially those that know me

The Almighty

If you haven't notice my music tastes have been completely enveloped in Tanya Morgan. It's kinda like The Roots (who they opened for in Toronto), where I just listen to they ish non-stop. There dope as hell mixtape Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group is almost to Don's goal of 10k D/L. Thats Crazy! If you haven't hit that download button I suggest you do, and if you did then tell a friend. Don't forget to visit the new VonPea.com and mcdayjob.com since they have left blogspot.

**pic yoked from don's spot...which i cant access from work for some reason

Monday, April 7, 2008

Young Buck got Game'd

according to HHDX via miss info, CURRTISSSS said Buck is gone and some other shit. I still say Yayo shoulda been put aside but watever. Buck is probably the best in the group right now, and maybe 5-Oh was feelin the heat

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Soul Hop

Now here are some pix courtesy of M dot of 2DBZ. The show was ill. Nobody Famous murdered the 3 songs we heard before their time ended. BUT UNI killed the whole show. If you've been to the Knitting Factory, you'll know it small, but that leaves room for the show to be more intimate. My homeboy didn't know any lyrics but enjoied the shit nonetheless. Meeting Meks was cool too. He wasn't the racist african stereotype he suggests, what a let down lmao. Anywho you can see the pix on the various links I set or see the ones Mr. Soul put up @ 2DBZ.
**teddy twayne I see you! and Meka's ticket looks spiffier than mine


I'm probably ultra late on this but Teddy Twayne hit me with this and I can't stop laughin.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lets start the show

The UNI show was live last night. If you didn't go, you missed out. As soon as M dot shoots me some flicks I'll post the pix and and links so be prepared. . .

Friday, April 4, 2008

want you to want me

Some people dwell on the past a lil too much. Whether it was them high school jock days or old relationships. Its ok to reminisce here and there, but don't get stuck. If your old bitch is gone, she gone time to move on. Stop actin like uncle Rico, 'if only coach put me in, in the 4th'. I thought about a couple past situations, and yea it'd be great if a certain female or 2 worked out, or if I had stability enough to know where I was gonna sleep at nite during high school. But hey, its life, you roll with the punches and keep it movin. I made it here sans those chicks and stability. So why you gotta dwell on shit, the old 'what doesn't kill you ...' adage should apply right. Take time to look back on what could have been so sweet and keep it pushin, its ok to remember. Just don't live there.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Turn off the lights, light a candle

Now I’m not the romantic guy that “makes love” with candles lit and music playing. I just want to hit it or get some knowledge, and play my video games. I mean I did intentionally play some music while getting the stank one time. Albeit it was Jay-Z, I guess I can relate to Rick Ross and Jay in that sense. “Threw on a rap CD, we gangsta fucked”, anywho . . .

R. Kelly – Honey Love: this song was probably about a 12 yr old girl but still ever since Kaine got the poon from Pernell girl to this song, I want to do the same.

ATCQ – Find a Way: Ain’t not particular reason I just thing it’s ill. Why I gotta dig the conch wit a soft R&B joint? Will some smoothed out Hip-Hop do? It better

Any Too $hort joint: Why wouldn’t you wanna hit skins to a Short Dogg song. Call your woman a bitch and hoe, telling her all sorts of shit you wouldn’t normally get away with and shit. I’m in.

Tanya Morgan – Want You to Want Me: continuing the Hip Hop theme, though the Marvin Gaye version would’ve sufficed, there’s nothing like getting the pink exchange to a good Hip Hop song.

EDIT!!: Akinyele - Put it in Your Mouth and Fuck Me for Free: How could I forget these classics. The names speaks for themself. Shouts to Meka Soul

**zshare actin stupid so ill up the Tanya Morgan joint later

sidenote: arent the akinyele drums a variant on the same drums biggie jacked from al green?

More White

Continuing with the white girl post from before here's a couple more I remembered:

Lauren Conrad: That girl from the Hills. I woulda never had her on my list if not for my ex-chick. I guess she wasn't worthless after all.

Whitney Port: Another happy go lucky I go t money white chick from the Hills. I'd still knock that back.