Thursday, April 10, 2008

Black People do this, white people do that

comment for MR Soul:
">He wasn't the racist african stereotype he suggests, what a let down lmao.>

you're not the first person to say that. literally."

That's funny and sad (not really) all at once. I didn't really expect M-dot to be some feed the children black panther wanna-be, but I will say I expected him to be a bit taller (pause?). But seriously stereotypes as effd as they may be, are so for a reason. For every hard-working black (afro-amer, or what ever is politically correct) person is the States, there is a person that me and T refer to as the "Nigga". They do "niggerish" (thx daniel) things. And these people (who are oppressed a tad bit) ruin it for the rest and perpetuate these thoughts of all black people. Like BET does. Same goes for beaners (read mexican or hispanics), chinks (asians),etc. Is it fair? NO. Is it funny? sometimes. If you have a tat in LA, if your not white, the 1-time assumes you are from a gang and harass you. Like I'ma shoot someone in a cut shirt and basketball shorts. Anyway, instead of keeping stereotypes alive we should try and break them, but those few people will always eff it up. So lets just make fun of people who are different together.

**call me racist if you want. but im really only weary of white ppl
***that pic made my day
*****i could write a 100000 page paper on this, but yall get where im going. especially those that know me

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