Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spttin game from the range rover pt 1

this is dedicated to my favorite Hov songs. Be it featured, solo, collabo album, watever. so in no order. . .

Best Of Both Worlds: now its a couple songs on this joint that went hard [II]. It was a cool cd, and a GREAT idea until Kellz was revealed as Mike Jackson pt 2, only he was on tape.

Where I'm From: He reps marcy tough on this joint. He serves the killer beat. This is S dot at his finest. This has to be a top 5 career song.

Come and Get Me: He killed the whole damn joint. the first verse was bananas, but when the beat switches he continues the verbal assault. "s dot carter turn rappers into martyrs"

Dead Presidents (og version): This is what made Jay my favorite. I could've done with both versions on RB but this was my fav (pt 2 was still mega dope). And the beat and the flow are PERFECT together.

Never Change: If I was gonna cry when hearing a song (never happened) this would be it. He goes in on a very soulful track.

Ride or Die: This spawned the classic quoteable "S carter, ghostwriter/ and for the right price I can even make yo shit tighter". rumor is that he was goin hard [II] at Mason Betha on this. Whoever it was, got ether'd (can i use that in a jay post).

more on this later

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