Friday, May 30, 2008


so as expected the Carter III leaked. Shake has all the dope tracks at the dopehouse ((c) eighty's baby)

Off the strength of the tracks posted by shake (cuz im not listening to the rest) it sounds dope, but i'm assuming these are the best off the whole joint anyway. I don't see this fuckin wit CII, which despite what meka thinks, I think is a very good cd (woulda been even better sans skits and 4-5 tracks).

**WORST COVER EVER (but damn hilarious)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

add to the list

I absolutely love this song, and it must included in my favoritest

I just wanna Tape YOU

So since the GITD mixtape was posted at SOP I got the extend version of Tape You with awesome instrumentation at the end. Albeit some slore is moaning like she is overwhelmed by (insert male pornstar). Now there is this video from the Justified sessions with the same beat going. Idk what proceeded what, or if they wanted to expand on it because the extended version of tape you wasn't included in the US release(of In Search of...). Either way I'd like to hear a complete version since I can get enough of the instrumental track. If for some reason anyone who has a plain instrumental shoot in this way.

**here's a decent remake(sounds like he just EQ'd it and looped part of it)

Monday, May 26, 2008

my favoritest

So i always try and figure out what the hell is my favorite song is. It is an on going debate within myself. But i always get to the original Dead Presidents by jay and sweet thing by chaka khan (the mary j version aint to shabby) so here you go, my fav joints! ( i dont wanna get into the debate involving my obsession with marvin and EW&F and teddy p (and others), cuz soul music period is my fav)

Jay-Z - Dead Presidents (original)

Chaka Khan - Sweet Thing

**bonus: Mary J Blige - Sweet Thing <-- her performance of this at Heart of the City was amazing!

new day

I have a taste for an alternative to hiphop today (except for that new wale i just posted by way of shake) so here is what i been listening to (well a taste not completely)

System of a Down - Toxicity: This is my fav system song. The instrumentation is lovely!

Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong: This is my fav LP song. I get stupid to this joint. I just wanna get hype and style on someone to this

RATM - Bulls on Parade: I am a huge rage fan, so i'll pump something from them on the daily but this is the joint for today!

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
: I absolutely love Zeppelin. If i could live in the 60's and 70's i would sooo be there.

Nirvana - In Bloom: far ahead of their time. RIP cobain

Wale Ovechkin

I think that Wale is officially my new favorite rapper. Shake just posted the official version of The Crazy at his spot. Along with some other goodies, so i suggest yall head that way.

Wale - The Crazy*

***i can't get enough of this song

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hot Fire (c) dylan

I have been absolutely obsessed with 3 or 4 cd's of late. American Gangster, Santogold, Rising Down, and In Search Of. . . Idk why but they've been the only thing in rotation. I normally just hop from cd to cd because of my great cd collection.(bought not stolen! and some fuckers have my shit, I'm coming for yall heads!). I've come to the conclusion that AG should be hailed as a classic. I mean get over the fact that Jay found a reason(excuse) to go back to drug/hustler rap. It was a genius move; American Gangster as it correlates to Shawn Carter (jay-z, whatever). 2nd, that shit is fire. The beats and rhymes are just perfect. AND FUCK YOU IF YOU DO NOT SEE JAY-Z AS AN EMCEE!!! anywho, Rising Down has the sound and feel of The Roots, but not really. 75 bars is a roots joint. I wish they would have kept birthday girl on it. It was poppy but in a good way. I mean a song about getting the stank from a newly 18 girl, come on guys, we have all had the dreams! The features kinda throw it off but its still a very strong cd. My fav tracks are Criminal and Rising Up. Wale is like my new favorite rapper (what up mandy). Next, Santogold is the shit!! I always describe her for those who don't know as MIA for black people. lol. I think she is much better. I can't get enough of her cd. And from the video, her performances are great. Too bad she ain't on the bill for the LA RTB. You'll Find a Way (remix) has taken over my life. Lastly, I love N*E*R*D. I was very vocal about going to GITD just for their performance. Their first cd is awesome (so is the 2nd but this is about the first). In Search Of.. has some great tracks. Brain, truth or dare, tape you, lapdance. the whole fuckin thing. I want the euro version since its more beats than band, but that shit is 50 bucks online and a spent all my chips, but one day I'll own it.

Friday, May 23, 2008


I've really never been more geeked for the release of an animated movie(with the exception of the re-release of the many adventures of winnie the pooh** on dvd) . Wall-E looks so very intriguing. Not to mention all the adult themes prevalent in todays kids movies and cartoons. It takes normal movies themes and gives a robot who can't talk the lead role. So all the mannerisms and beeps and shit will give it the funny, quirky twist. I'm a big ass kid so I'm counting down the days for this shit.
On another tip I saw narnia last week. That shit was awesome. I thought i'd be craptacular but it wasn't.

**who else do you know who would randomly yell "Tut tut it looks like rain" though I hadn't seen the movie in 5 yrs.

***i have Up down touch the ground on my PSP (since 05) ill upload it later


finally..spotted at elitaste

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Relax yourself girl please settle down

Were those lyrics that really hard to decipher? Anywho, Hip-Hop took over my life at young age. I'd say 4 or 5. Or whenever the videos of Ain't Nuthin But a G Thang and Scenario hit back to back on MTV. I was hooked. I listen to everything EXCEPT COUNTRY, but hip-hop is my bread and butter. New or old I'm hooked. My love for it is completely unquestioned by those that know me. I invest time in everything to HS and college sports and comics and random ish, but hiphop seems to always find a way to the forefront. It has reached a point where I'm obsessed. Of course its a way of life, but it really goes beyond such in my mind. The aesthetic reaches out, its just so real to sit in my room and vibe to shit. Just get lost in it. Its more than a knockin beat or ill punchlines. Its a feeling. There is no better feeling in life than ripping off the plastic of a freshly purchased cd. The HipHop is Dead "statement" Nas made was BS, but i was willing to hear him out until it was found to be publicity stunt that failed. Then it spawned a bunch of elitist dumbasses who would continuously say it was dead. If you really think that then leave hiphop alone. Now the record labels refuse to release anything that isn't ringtone rap. You are hard pressed to see/hear on the radio/TV anything of value, maybe a handful of the same shit tho. It wasn't too long ago that they would play any and everything, mix the good with the bad, but now it just seems all bad. That said I know what I want and thats good hiphop. So I'm gonna stay tuned and ride this bitch til the death. Keep it locked to 2dopeboyz, stuntinonprose, her, --->> hit the lainks. At least some people still have sense.

**i hope a couple years from now ppl will look at american gangster as a classic record. At face value, its incredible. and J Burn said it was mad dope upon first listen, but let bs change his mind. Just take it for what it is. DOPENESS!

Neveruary 43rd

It looks like Neveruary 43rd got a little closer. I mean with Saigon being released from that bogus ass Atlantic deal can't we expect a release via some indie distribution. Maybe, maybe not. Rappers/MCs like Saigon are good for the game. He has a message (sometimes) and can set the mic on fire, so of course they'd try and shelf his life. I REALLY hope The Greatest Story Never Told (foresight? i think so) gets some sort of official release, but I'm not holding my breath.

Saigon - Believe It

**link via Shake by way of Just Bleezy

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bitches get wat they deserve

CLASSIC!! I fuckin LOVE this track..its not all true but he's batting close to 1.000


New Ursher and Jay Hov. I spotted this at 2DBZ of course, where else? Anywho I definitely dig this track. "I couldn't give F--- how could I give a finger" <<--- I HEAR THAT

Usher Ft Jay-Z - Best Thing

Monday, May 19, 2008

random text message

it reads: "hey the girls said you look like Ryan Leslie" this was sent by my ex. "The girls" are her little sisters, they are known to make outlandish statements and full heartedly stand by them. I look nothing like a one mr leslie. But I guess its a compliment? idk...pretty random

**i had a pic similar to the one of ryan leslie posted got deleted out my phone grrrr! it was awesome

not surprising

was it ever a question...NAS CHANGES ALBUM NAME

more collecting

I guess I forgot to mention I got tats and superhero shirts in the collector blog. I mean 80% of my shirts are of the superhero variety. I only have five tattoos currently but I'm planning a collage for my back. Now back to the shirts, I have mostly marvel shirts, and like 7 involving spider-man. I'm not at home so I guess I'll periodically post the shirts I have because, well just because.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


This is spawned by a convo at h.e.r.'s cbox**. We was talking about "I see now" with Kanye Cons and Little Brother. This shit is dope from start to finish...especially the aggressive ass "AWWW" and "NAWWW" kanye is a fool. not to mention his little shit talkin at the end "aw nigga yo check engine light on, well yo top on so we got two things we tryin to get off" LMAO classic!

I See Now - Kanye West, Little Brother, And Consequence

**RIP to dondub's cbox, it used to be crackin



spotted at SOP

and another one

I couldn't help it!


So since I'm missing game 7 of the Cavs/Celts cuz im here at work I decided to blizzog. I collect shit. Not in a OCD type cant throw shit out way. More like I like to collect certain shit. All through my childhood I collected toys and basketball cards. Not toys in a box, I took em out. Now I have a dreamcast, PSP (w/ a speaker system for it), SNES, N64, Wii, and PS3. I play the snes the most. My dreamcast cables are fried but I'm planning on getting more. PS3 shits on EVERYTHING, for the dumbasses who believe that 360 is better you get the gas face *GAS FACES YOU BASTARDS*. Additionally I collect magazines. A back injury stopped me from meeting M dot at the mall to pick up a bunch, and I'm still salty about that. I also re-started my toy collection, again everything is out of the box (except for the upside down spidey which I have no place for). I have mostly rare shit that could sale decent, but it's mine fuck that selling shit. And as of late I'm getting back in the shoe and hat game. One thing I stopped collecting is movie ticket stubs, but I continue to keep my concert and sporting event tix. My favorite things though are definitely my DVD and CD collection. I'm gonna start buying Blu-Ray but I'm still gonna buy dvd's cuz them shits be cheap as hell. As for CD's I'm never going digital unless something is a digital only release.

Friday, May 16, 2008

*instant death*

back in effect

So I been spending money lately. Got some kicks (will be getting more) got that new phone that new hat. I just get wild spendin. Oh, and tomorrow I'm getting a shirt to match the hat. I been ghost cuz I was at my bro's house. Anywho I'm back in full effect, and I'm SOOOOO happy the Kanye Lollipop remix finally droppped.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm in a bind

I absolutely despise buying music digital. I love buying the hard copies of CD's and i ain't paying twice. BUT! now that i have an iPhone idk what i should do. I 'm probably gonna stick to buying hard copies and waiting to transfer them, but fuck if I'm not leaning towards digital.

Yes I need a shave and haircut, but since I'm sure no chicks check my blliizzzog i have no qualms posting my beaner ass on here. ANYWHO I got my iPhone. ITS AWESOME! I know the newer ones are coming out, but being that mine is unlocked I can sell mine with no loss. BUT the current iPhone will have 3G integrated in the firmware soooo I can stick with mine. Also I'm sure the newer ones will be much harder to hack

*I can't seem to get this rotated...dumb work computer
**scratch that, I believe the beautiful h.e.r. occasionally comes this way

Spazz if you want to

I went fuckin nuts to this song at GITD. I HAVE!! to see N*E*R*D again, I mean they were the main reason I even went to GITD. I swear I this song, accidentally deleted and couldn't find it for months, that is until Shake dropped it, and since he so graciously put me on his email list I knew he posted before I even hit the site. ANYWHO here it is thx to Shake! oh and let us not for get the super awesome remix to Everybody Nose!!!

NERD - Spazz and Everybody Nose remix feat Pusha T and CRS

**i this has been posted for a few days but oh well here it is again!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kanye To the

I figured the 2nd half of this is completely appropriate for today. Seeing him do these joints live especially hey mama was fulfilling. Ive seen him perform both versions but this was more powerful given the circumstances

I'm Ready

Tanya Morgan...

Shake has some tracks posted on 2dopeboyz from The Bridge EP. I refuse to hear them until it drops on June 17th, BUT it is available NOW!! on iTunes. COP THAT SHIT!!

this is a video of Santogold at SXSW. its sick. shes kinda hot. songs great. but peep the dancers. thsi is my fav song by her btw


To all the mothers out there! BUT a special shout to my mother Angela, my NaNa, and my Auntie Lydia, they molded me into the man I am for better or worse. I LOVE YALL!

also to the mothers' that took me in as they own when I didn't have a place to sleep @ night. Davey's moms, danny's moms, cindy's moms, angels's moms, sal's moms, rudy's moms and any others I forgot I LOVE YALL TOO!

**mom's grad pic thats on my entertainment shes not white

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I turned 21 yesterday!

I didn't do anything major. As a matter of fact I wasn't gonna do shit til the homegirl intervened. We went to roscoe's and then kciked it til super late. It was cool. Best bday I've in recent memory. I didn't feel like boozing and shit, cuz I got plenty of time for that shit. Plus her bday is gonna be for that lol. Thx to all those who wished me a happy bday...and a lot of ppl didn't because quite frankly I didn't make a big deal of it.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008

a day maker

I read this and it was super hilarious. I think it was in the comments on a youtube vid or some blog I don't remember:

Comment 1: Jay-Z is the GOAT

Comment 2: no he's not, he looks like a camel

Lmao I wish I could meet commenter 2 awesomeness!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

hip-hop gets a W for a change

HHDX is reporting that Kidz in the Hall's awesome ass video for single 'drivin down the block' debuted @ #6 on TRL. I hate TRL but when a indie hiphop act gets on its all love! Score one for KITH and hiphop.

The Mighty

Love, a dangerous necessity that people seek without regard
To where they are, the human heart is curious above all things,
laa the lights are low
your eyes are bright
the music, makes it sweet delight
It's out inside, I'm feeling right
your dress is tight
Oh waaaa ow, I want you right now

Mos Def kicks some serious shit over a funny not really meaningful song Drunk and Hot Girls. Some places with lyrics have it listed as "Lot of" not "Love, a..." uuhhh MF are you stupid! but this is a very raw (and deep [II]) statement to be in the middle of a song bout drunk hoes. I hope more people appreciate this.

***I hope he does this at RTB...or at least travelin man (he sang the chorus A Capella last year)


The Originator none greater . . .


are you serious

So apparently there's gonna be yet another Terminator movie. The 2nd one was off the chain. It set a special effects standard in the film industry. Pt 3 was complete ASS. And now 4. Well at least they cast Common in the movie. He's becoming the new Ice Cube. Sans the fruity family movies (but you might think that'll be coming...MONEY TALKS). HHDX is where I found this

**this pic is DOPE!

where art thou Dwele

Dwele was/is supposed to be in works on a solo album. BUT I've yet to hear anything about it. We'll see. I checked Wiki but you know how it's always wrong in regards to future releases. I mean they have 2 different names for the cd, shit! I just hope the June 24 date is correct.

**If I had the hair for it I always said I'd grow my hair like he has in the vid (the afro not the braids), or dreads (nhjic)

hot damn

another athlete has been robbed in the Chi. This time its the newly drafted Rashard Mendenhall of the Steelers. If you can remember a couple years ago, both Eddy Curry of the New York Knicks and Antoine Walker of the T-wolves, were robbed and tied up in their homes. Shiiitt((c) Clay Davis) I would not live in LA, Chi-town, or anywhere where that was goin down on the regular. Well, if I was a athlete/celeb. I mean shit 50 got his chain yoinked in the Motherland, but thats just funny to me

Monday, May 5, 2008

the way they lace the beat like one of the best

classic.. neptunes i got a cockerspaniel lol wtf!?!

sorry von and don

sorry ill believe it when i see it. The Bridge late june/early july, and BKnati no tentative dates. only thing with a date is the Moonlighting re-release- June 3rd

photos and info courtesy of Dondub and Von Pea

not so late

dope ass video for a dope ass song by Kidz in the Hall. the remix goes hard as well

*link courtesy of 2dbz

As you should know by now The Cool Kids are finally releasing something OFFICIAL. Their official EP The Bake Sale hits iTunes on May 20 and hits stores June 10th. I don't buy digital music, so I will have to wait a lil longer. It will feature songs like 88, and a couple from Cool Ass Ninjas mixtape. SO, this may not be new new but its official.

**link courtesy of 2dbz

get busy

dope interview with ?uesto over at HHDX.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


made my day!

or not!

the hawks got trounced by the celtics. so much for my dreams...oh well

Friday, May 2, 2008


GAME 7 is coming up after their come back win. I predicted them winning the series let's hope they can take one on the road finally. ATL SHAWTY!! J-Smoove and JJ gonna lead us to the promised land!

Rissi P

this is Rissi Palmer. She is a BLACK (or afro-amer for you politically correct MF's) country singer (although she doesn't sound completely country). I HATE country music. I mean if they voices was different and their music was more r&b-ish their songs would be good cuz some lyrics are great, but then it wouldn't be country huh?. but I digress. She is HOT!! That's all I really wanted to say. Here's her cover of No Air**.

**I like this song, but would rather a solo joint that was by a better singer(s). (<<---- yes im a hater)

the (2)Dopeboyz in the building tonight

so a week or so ago 2dopeboyz went "plat". 1000000 views *cues "a millie"*. I got a lil shout-out from M dot, whom if you recall I met at the UNI show. I'd like to say although I don't fully know Shake or Meks they are both cool as fuck. I guess were eFriends (pause and no haux maux lmao). Shake hits me with just about any request via email, and I email back and forth with both, so extra shouts for keepin the nets and me updated and showin love(nhjic) to ya boy

***too bad sideshow bob isn't Nigerian

if i should . . .

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Got ya bitch

so I was gonna post this, but Von Pea beat me to it! I want my linear notes. apparently they are available thru iTunes. I i dont fuck with iTunes as i buy hard copies. Send em my way if you have em. AND EEFFFF Def Jam for not allowing ?uesto to do it on the cd book (although I'm not sure of the facts to the statement, its just safe to ASSume)


The Lox used to be the SHIT. D-Block is meh, but The Lox was mad ill. From there shiny suits to their songs on the Ruff Ryder compliations (after v2 the series was all down hill). Go Head from RR v2 was a life changer. The ominous beat and grimy lyrics, man!! It just takes me to another place. Jadakiss solo joints are just ok. Outside of A Gangsta and a Gentleman, Styles joints are hit or miss. I mean good but not fuckin with his first joint. Sheek’s first solo effort was cool, highly under-rated but not a 5 mic-er(when they meant something). Silverback Gorilla is decent nothing special. So from money, power, respect to D-Block it’s The Lox. BITCHES!!

Breakfast of Champions