Monday, May 26, 2008

my favoritest

So i always try and figure out what the hell is my favorite song is. It is an on going debate within myself. But i always get to the original Dead Presidents by jay and sweet thing by chaka khan (the mary j version aint to shabby) so here you go, my fav joints! ( i dont wanna get into the debate involving my obsession with marvin and EW&F and teddy p (and others), cuz soul music period is my fav)

Jay-Z - Dead Presidents (original)

Chaka Khan - Sweet Thing

**bonus: Mary J Blige - Sweet Thing <-- her performance of this at Heart of the City was amazing!

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Eighty's Baby said...

Yea, Dead Presidents Part I was always my favorite version too. tryna figure out what my favorite song period tho, is gonna take some time. I already know I'll be rackin over this for the next few days.