Sunday, June 29, 2008

i be major slackin

since the untimely passing of my auntie i been slackin. I just checked the Bananaclipse3.0 gmail and see that people is hittin the inbox with ish. I appreciate it and i will no longer continue the slackin. BIG SHOUT to Spec Boogie and the Lessondary fam for sendin me the link to Callin Me. it the song of the week for me. I seen it posted at 2DBZ but didn't know I was privileged to such an email lol.

and shout to Tunji sent me some vid links, but i cant post the embed. sometimes i wish i started this at wordpress...OH WELL

Saturday, June 28, 2008


with wayne walking around talkin how he's the best rapper, why can't Lupe say he is? as in Lupe should nominate himself. He has some more work to do, but fuck if his 2 albums and mixtapes are straight fire.

Friday, June 27, 2008


i ordered this shit a minute ago and barely got it. at least its here now!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

NBA draft is tonight. I'm super geeked. I'm not gonna drop any knowledge. BUT last year i predicted all but 1 or 2 picks in the 1st round. i shoulda entered one of those contests, my friends were amazed.

Dark Man X

going to darker note. X is Coming from it's dark and hell is hot, is a very aggressive grimy offensive song. That is why i love it. I was an angry child and this song made me feel at ease, dont ask why. The 2nd verse is hateful, but call it what u want, i can see it. I feel the anger...


i been MIA cuz i been dealing with the loss of my auntie. her rosary and funeral were a good celebration of her life, and i got to talk to my cousins which is always a plus. Also to a few of the people she took care of (word to chuck, gabe, and carlos). may she be in peace.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

R&B Sawngz

Now the whole song for the ladies thing is kinda over-rated. And its mostly poorly executed. I think there are a couple people that could plausibly make a r&b record and have it not be super cheesey and forced.

Mos Def: His singing is not bad, and he has the smooth ish on lock. I mean if you've heard any version of travelin man, umi says, etc you know he can go from crooner to rapper, without skippin a beat.

Phonte: I mean this MC has guested on a Playaz Circle song SINGING the hook. He did that joint as victor st clair with widimoto. His percy miracles cd was straight comedy. He sings at the shows they do. And his flow is as smooth as it gets.

I'm debating on a couple others

Pac Div bitches!

they inked a deal with Universal, so again (like i said bout Wale) lets hope they get a proper release and treatment lest they become Saigon'd. But I'm still excited!! westcoast love. I hope UNI is next

Friday, June 20, 2008

mr phonte coleman

phonte's verse is the only thing cheering me up

best friends forever

my mom and my auntie in high school. class of '81.

as the NBA draft approaches

i find it necessary to reminisce (no pete rock)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dre Day

one of my favorite disses ever! I liked No Vaseline, Bitch in Yoo, and such and so forth, but this is my shit. This is how diss tracks are supposed to be made, and not just for so extra pub.

The Legendary Roots Crew!!

The Roots in Houston. I missed them this year in LA. I love the medley parts of they shows.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


new joint from Von Pea, Che Grand, Elucid, and Spec Boogie. Its a lessondary thing.

pic and leak via Von

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Bridge

Get your physical copy tomorrow! FATBEATS got what you need (or cop it digital on iTunes). They have a in-store at fatbeats tomorrow if you in NYC. And ya boy BANANACLIPSE got a shout out from Don on the radio in NYC, for sure! They show mad love to the fans.

EDIT: I hoped on and called the radio show! shouts to Von and Don, and Tanya Morgan (since ily in cincy)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers day

Happy Father's DAY! are you gonna celebrate like wayne and baby? i hope not

txt messgae from Teddy reads: "I wonder what lil wayne got for baby for fathers day"


hilarious! I think this what he got him ^^. if you dont get it then you are stooopid. Forgive the crude image i dont have photoshop

so appropriate lmao

Saturday, June 14, 2008

i love this song

sue me!

hip-hop you saved me

In these trying times music, more specifically Hip-Hop, has my back, as usual (literally and figuratively). So while I try to occupy my mind, I wanted to listen to some Dilla. I got to thinkin bout that Phonte Joint he dedicated to Jay Dee. It's a great tribute, and there is a lot more than the face value of the track. He combines elements of at least 3 J Dilla joints to make one tribute track. If you are not familar with the catalog you wouldn't know, although 2 of the songs referenced are from The Shining.

Won't Do is the main song, Baby and Fall in Love are referenced in the outro mostly.

*Shake, the release of Jay Love Japan was unofficial but there are official versions, so idk. It was "officially" released in March but idk, im just gonna cop it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

R. Kelly = the new OJ

granted his crime wasn't as heinous, but they both got away with crimes that they obviously commited. This nigga was on MUTHA FCUKIN TAPE! and he got off on account of a "mole" and cuz the chick was too embarrassed (or paid) to testify and said it wasn't even her. Ridiculous. He should be locked up for the fuckery and tomfoolery that is trapped in the closet, but whatever, money can get you anything.


My auntie passed last night/early morning. My moms called me at 730 to inform me, she spared me the 5am call she got. My auntie practically raised me, and when my mom was on her BS my auntie made sure I was good. The only reason I didn’t live with her is she didn’t have a stable spot, but she still made sure I was good. IDK how to deal with it but life must continue somehow. I LOVE YOU LB. RIP.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


this is one of the songs that got me to listen to 5-0 back in the day. now, he got rich stopped tryin

Cool Kids on KarmaLoopTV

had problems posting it so click the pic.

here's a track posted by shake The Cool Kids - Unos

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

cross the line?

Are relationships necessary? I mean that title fucks a lot of good things up. It comes with a responsibility. Like everything is cool between you and your other until that comes up. You can basically be exclusive with everything fine, but once the BF/GF name comes into play its different. Why can’t people grow up and treat it the same way as before the title, and just keep it 100. In my experience the title ain’t worth it, but without it seems like your “relationship” really don’t mean nothing. I mean if they fuck wit someone else you’re basically stuck in a spot where you have no say, and thus your “relationship” is a waste. It ends up a catch-22 and/or damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It is a really fine line, I find myself on both sides at the same time. IDK I just wanna give up, it’s too complicated, too many questions not enough answers; too many variables…we’ll see . . .

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A year later...

..and this is still hilarious and fucked up!

its a nice day outside

P to the USH-A

Clipse makes other drug rap/trappers/coke rappers/Trap-Hop rappers look very stupid. They have that ish on lock. Lord Willin, Hell Hath No Fury (<<--XXL was very warranted), WGIFC vol 1-3... they run circles round these cats. Pusha T is obviously that DUDE, those who've yet to recognize really need to. I mean all the Wayne fans need to look to Push-a-ton. His drug rap is directly influenced by jay and Push, no 2 ways about it. And Malice aint no slouch, his mostly straight-forward delivery stays ON-POINT (point of reference: I'm Not You (last verse = homicide) and What happened to that boy). Basically, I just wanted to say how much Clipse are the shit and not many can fuck wit Mr. Ughck!!

**please click on Mr Ughck so you can hear keys open doors. Ive been obsessed since i first heard it

Friday, June 6, 2008

*spontaneous combustion*

DWELE - I'm Cheatin video

spotted at h.e.r.'s spot

Dwele Sketches Of a Man June 24th!!

Untz Untz

you all know i love all things Tanya Morgan, so you must hit dondub's spot for Suburban Sprawl, its .rar but the tracks I've heard are very nice. 2ndly if you haven't heard Wale's The Mixtape About Nothing, you are mad slackin cuz this shit right here nigga...this shit right here (c) Katt, is the TRUFFF!!! So you need these two in your life. Also the latest VPND podcast in honor of Don's bday is ill as well. Lastly, head to 2dopeboyz for some new Che Grand, he killin it.

**i also like to apoligize for goin hard at M Dot for his distaste of The Cool Kids. If he dont like it, he don't like it. It dont mean that he hatin.

***the CIII is better and better everytime i listen (some of it at least), more on that soon.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just a FYI, I'm F-L-Y

The Cool Kids show was super awesome forever. To set things off Pac Div opened! I absolutely love them (no haux awe fuck it). I had no idea they were to open. I kind of feel bad cuz I slept on them for a while (like I shelved U-N-I for a minute before I recognized). Anywho they set that bitch off. I'm not familiar wit they names but the tallest one of the three threw his The Hundreds jacket (the one I'm dying to have) in the crowd!!! Lucky fag whomever caught it. After they killed a short set (I wish they did taste, oh well) The Cool Kids hopped on and did the damn thing. They play to the crowd very well. My only complaint, they didn’t do Stove Top. They ran threw all of The Bake Sale and most of the ill tracks from the mixtapes. They hyped everyone with some bball talk and random shit. They ended with 3 booty shaking song medley and let too many ppl on stage to dance to em, they basically said fuck security we doin what we want. After they cleared the stage they finished with Basement Party. Great show. I think even meka woulda enjoyed it.

***sidenote: the crowd was a mixture of ppl . U had hipsters and rockers and normal ppl and white ppl, beaners, blacks...diverse!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hot off the stove, poppin the trunk

These 3 things came in the mail the other day. A rather GOOD day it was, I must say. I'll be effect tonight to see The Cool Kids, EFFF u teddy for canceling (holla at me if you gon be there eighty's baby). The XXL wasn't bad at all. The show & prove section was rather good this month. The real treat though is that AUTOGRAPHED Kanye book. After not receiving it for so long and getting one at GITD, I thought I was taken for my bread. THEN POW! I get the shit. I was super excited. BUT now today I'm geeked for The Cool Kids, I hope they do "stove top". I wonder what meka thinks of these guys alone, rather than just tossing them in the "hipster" bin and who are far too young to bring 88 back (but that would spawn a long ass blog that I may do later).

**yes I sleep on spidey sheets, and no they don't impede the stank on the hanglow