Saturday, June 21, 2008

R&B Sawngz

Now the whole song for the ladies thing is kinda over-rated. And its mostly poorly executed. I think there are a couple people that could plausibly make a r&b record and have it not be super cheesey and forced.

Mos Def: His singing is not bad, and he has the smooth ish on lock. I mean if you've heard any version of travelin man, umi says, etc you know he can go from crooner to rapper, without skippin a beat.

Phonte: I mean this MC has guested on a Playaz Circle song SINGING the hook. He did that joint as victor st clair with widimoto. His percy miracles cd was straight comedy. He sings at the shows they do. And his flow is as smooth as it gets.

I'm debating on a couple others

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