Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just a FYI, I'm F-L-Y

The Cool Kids show was super awesome forever. To set things off Pac Div opened! I absolutely love them (no haux awe fuck it). I had no idea they were to open. I kind of feel bad cuz I slept on them for a while (like I shelved U-N-I for a minute before I recognized). Anywho they set that bitch off. I'm not familiar wit they names but the tallest one of the three threw his The Hundreds jacket (the one I'm dying to have) in the crowd!!! Lucky fag whomever caught it. After they killed a short set (I wish they did taste, oh well) The Cool Kids hopped on and did the damn thing. They play to the crowd very well. My only complaint, they didn’t do Stove Top. They ran threw all of The Bake Sale and most of the ill tracks from the mixtapes. They hyped everyone with some bball talk and random shit. They ended with 3 booty shaking song medley and let too many ppl on stage to dance to em, they basically said fuck security we doin what we want. After they cleared the stage they finished with Basement Party. Great show. I think even meka woulda enjoyed it.

***sidenote: the crowd was a mixture of ppl . U had hipsters and rockers and normal ppl and white ppl, beaners, blacks...diverse!

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Yung Drew said...

Damn, U-N-I + The Cool Kids had to be fiyah... I'm looking forward to the extra tracks on their Bake Sale hardcopy on Jun 10... Hopefully it has around 20 tracks...like the Cool Ass Ninjas mixtape. BTW>>> Nice blog.