Sunday, June 8, 2008

P to the USH-A

Clipse makes other drug rap/trappers/coke rappers/Trap-Hop rappers look very stupid. They have that ish on lock. Lord Willin, Hell Hath No Fury (<<--XXL was very warranted), WGIFC vol 1-3... they run circles round these cats. Pusha T is obviously that DUDE, those who've yet to recognize really need to. I mean all the Wayne fans need to look to Push-a-ton. His drug rap is directly influenced by jay and Push, no 2 ways about it. And Malice aint no slouch, his mostly straight-forward delivery stays ON-POINT (point of reference: I'm Not You (last verse = homicide) and What happened to that boy). Basically, I just wanted to say how much Clipse are the shit and not many can fuck wit Mr. Ughck!!

**please click on Mr Ughck so you can hear keys open doors. Ive been obsessed since i first heard it


KNOWxONE said...

No doubt, I been a fan since Exclusive Audio Footage. Back then, it was really hard to tell the difference between Mal & Push. But don't sleep on Malice either, he's nice with the pen game as well. Pusha has a better delivery and tone I guess.

And HHNF>>Lord Willin'

bananaclipse(3.0) said...

im not sleepin on Malice at all, i just think Pusha is that guy. and yes HHNF >> lord willin