Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hot off the stove, poppin the trunk

These 3 things came in the mail the other day. A rather GOOD day it was, I must say. I'll be effect tonight to see The Cool Kids, EFFF u teddy for canceling (holla at me if you gon be there eighty's baby). The XXL wasn't bad at all. The show & prove section was rather good this month. The real treat though is that AUTOGRAPHED Kanye book. After not receiving it for so long and getting one at GITD, I thought I was taken for my bread. THEN POW! I get the shit. I was super excited. BUT now today I'm geeked for The Cool Kids, I hope they do "stove top". I wonder what meka thinks of these guys alone, rather than just tossing them in the "hipster" bin and who are far too young to bring 88 back (but that would spawn a long ass blog that I may do later).

**yes I sleep on spidey sheets, and no they don't impede the stank on the hanglow

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meka soul said...

cool kids: i tried liking their music, but i never fully got into it. just seems... unoriginal.

the term "hipster-hop" is a conundrum to me, because i actually like some artists who may be considered that as well [jay electronica, wale, u-n-i, pacific division]. but the stuff that's promoted more prevalently i don't dig, because it's just not good in my eyes.