Monday, March 31, 2008

i swear i had 3 or 4 good ideas for blogs maybe ill remember them tonight and treat yall tomorrow..

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ms Hill

Lauryn Hill was like the most beautifulist thing in the world. And no MC or Sainger could fuck wit her. Before she went around lookin like a clown she was beautiful. and now she refuses to let us be have a feeling of being fulfilled by her talents. so sad. I hope she is happy, cuz im not not, well at least when it comes to her. Where art thou Ms. Hill?

**links later...

I play fair like rollercoasters and clowns

-4/4 i'm seein U-N-I, 4/21 its Glow in the Dark Bitches!!
-lil wayne is gettin worse and worse
-rappers goin to jail and shit is getting outta control
-Dr.Dre 2001 is THEE shit...still
-Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group is hot and I encourage you to download it and tell a friend and to tell a friend to download it.
-Buy Gnarls Barkley The Odd Couple it's great
-I give up on Saigon
-And if you can't sing don't. These MF's tryin to are killin me
these people is literally singing backstreet boys songs. WOW! kill me now, like seriously. It's not funny and its cruel and unusual punishment fuck! I don't deserve this, no one does!

my life ain't rosy but i roll wit it

Things be getting on my nerves. People, music, tv..everything! Idk why but things are. I just be wanting to smack people like POW! STFU! oh well I guess I gotta deal with it.

*** the kid in the pic is awesome!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I hate this

I'd rather have another seizure than to keep takin these meds. Got my head spinnin, my gums hurt, saps my energy, and I gotta take these bitches 3 times a day. This is wack. Ican only imagine the shit other ppl gotta go thru. At least the NCAA's is on! Go UNC!

*side note: new weezy = do-do butter


So I was fortunate enough to go to Rock the Bells 07 last august in SB. And I got the privilage to see the great hiphop artists, BUT I'm even more happy that I saw Rage Against The Machine. I mean I didn't get how much I appreciated that until right now. It was truly special, a site to behold. Like I couldn't jump and go crazy I just wanted enjoy the show. It was very nastalgic. The message and beliefs they hold are AMAZING. They stand by their convictions. Zach has supposedly finished his solo record and Tom Morello (the greatest guitarist of my time) has his Nightwatchman stuff. I just wanted to say if you have had the honor of seeing them you know what I'm talking about.
**i go nuts! to this song

Thursday, March 27, 2008

i guess since people are actually starting to show up at the blog that aren't friends i've threatened I should say it might(maybe not) be slow around here for a week or so. Being that I had a MAJOR seizure at work, I need to get my health right. I think i may have looked like Tyrone Biggums doin the harlem shake on the ground. hopefully the neurologist(sp)says it good.


I was hoping this wouldn't catch on. But it did. i guess. watever!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Riq Gees

Black Thought IS A BEAST!! Rumor has it this song was all off the top. He is unfuckwitable!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


UCLA is getting way too much credit. I'm a HUGE fan, and I live in LA, but they didn't win the game against Texas A&M the referees gave it to them. They called all fouls against TAMU but let UCLA beat the living crap out of TAMU and swallowed the whistle. It's quite ridiculous. And to make matters worse, bein the buttbeefer he is, announcer Jay Bilas acted like UCLA was god almighty and clean and perfect. He didn't point out any of the terrible refereeing. Wat a jerk! You get paid for this, but he sounded like a Stanly Fanbwoy. Eff that! I'm happy to see UCLA advance but not like that.

***the tournament is turning out to be a doozy. and all (well only some) those assholes at espn said the smaller schools don't belong there. HA! I had Davidson in the sweet 16, did you? Stephen Curry is a MAN!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nikki Minaj

Either she has a penis or one FAT! monkey. idk, I could go either way. but one things is for sure, her raps, suck balls. Maybe she(he?) does too.

**click she for fullsize pic

Random Hero

Another random playlist you little yentas!
3 Stacks is making a real run as the BEST EVER. I always thought he was bananas but his game went from 8 to 10. Duke is murdering EVERYTHING! (i will say i think wayne bodied him on hollywood divorce, blasphemy, not so much) If you haven't heard this joint that has been catchin steam as of late kill ya'self.

Big Boi - Royal Flush f. Andre 3000 & Raekwon
**bonus cut: Outkast - Hollywood Divorce
***Royal Flush courtesy of Shake

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Go back inside!

-Tayna Morgan is a Rap Group was worth the wait
-The Odd Couple is Super Awesome
-CD I will NOT be purchasing... Eminem (whenever it drops)
-This chick is hurtin for a squirtin
-NCAA Tourney is bananas!!
-Von Pea, better rapper or producer? idk, I'm torn.
-American sports playing in other countries for publicity is WACK!(ie the football game in london and the baseball game in Japan)
-Birthday Girl has taken me over, i love it!
-This is true and hilarious


A live (only a 20/25 sec delay) and free stream of NCAA tournament complete with "boss" button. my life is complete.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This is one T-Pain's chains. He has this one of Ignignokt and I think he has one of Err. Either way, I'm a huge fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (shouts Shake!) and especially the Mooninites. T-Pain is my idol.

I got that white girl

no this isn't some metaphor for coke. It's about white chicks I'd hit and why. this kinda goes against my no white girls rules but we're all hypocrites sometimes. . .

1. Katherine Heigl: This is one bad white lady. She is(was) a model/actress and I find her mad pipable (not a word, or is it?) She can get it any day.
2. Jenna Fischer: She can look real good at times and real average, either way I'd like the stank on my hanglow.
3. Gwen Stefani: I thought she was more hot when I was younger but, again, the pink exchange would be quite welcome.

thats all i can think of for now, cuz truth be told there aint too many. I'll update if I remember the other 1 or 2.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

call me late

but Just Blaze's blog is back rollin. Hooray!

It dropped

Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group dropped today. Link courtesy of Meka at 2DBZ. Also their tour dates are up. Why the eff are they not coming to LA. EFFF THAT! I'm upset.

**idk where i yoked the pic

EDIT: Upon first listen this is DOPE. Walk My Way and You Should Know are first listen favs, but they're all great. like seriously damn good songs front to back.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group

So Tanya Morgan been doin they thing [II], but I feel like I don't wanna wait til the fall for BKnati. Now with this mixtape coming out in a couple days it'll quench our(my) thirst. Not to mention The Bridge in April (I'm holding Von and Don to that). After hearing the TM and Naledge track I WANT ANOTHER ALBUM NOW! I mean I bang Moonlighting (again [II]) like it came out yesterday, but this new ish got me going nuts. I think "Cuddle Bums" started it, but the Naledge joint and the Torae joint is furthering the music fiend (like crack) in me.

here you go: Von Pea - Computers
Tanya Morgan Ft Naledge - You Should Know
more can be found on Donwill's blog
**I yoked computers from Meka of 2DBZ and you should know from dondub

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yyyyeaahhhhh (c) Jeezy

-ok now i know for a fact my favorite song on The Odd Couple is "Going On".
-elitism in hiphop is wiggity wiggity wack
-LL made a bunch of girl tracks and was dope, ja rule did it and 50 ended his career. wats the catch?
-Black Thought is top-5 dead or alive, fuck wat u think
-Black women>>>>>any other ethnicity (sorry)
-remember when The Lox was the shit
-wale's interscope deal, blessing or jerk-deal like joell ortiz? time will tell
-based on "lollipop" i think the Carter III will suck donkey balls (i hope not)

links courtesy of myself, 2DBZ and HHDX

***when we were little we all wanted to be the green ranger. but did u notice the first one replaced was the black guy (who happened to be the black ranger) Racist! lol

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quote of the Day

another great text message: "Kells aint a mad rapper he's just a rapist wit a temper" WOW! my day is complete.

Ms Fat Booty

Just like younger women that go for older men, I'm starting to see a bit of appeal with a little older, more mature women. I mean she should have her shit together and be done with all the childish nonsense. Its one thing to have an inner child, but another to act like a child. But unlike the high school honeys dating 25 yr old men, i have my priorities straight. I'm not looking for an older woman per say, but just saying I see the appeal. Not to mention a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman no matter age (especially those that have more melanin; thats black women u little yentas).

Bring it on bring it on (c) Wu-Tang

Now more than ever I'm so confused about my favorite cd ever. Once I copped The Blueprint that was it, for quite some time. But then I found my long lost Its Dark and Hell is Hot. For me being so young when it dropped it still made me feel like I was as grimy as DMX. So I was torn, and then to make it worse, I re-evaluated Reasonable Doubt. I was soooo conflicted. Now, I'm thinking 36 chambers gets the top spot. Idk, but hearing the Wu do “Bring Da Ruckus” at RTB (sal u my brother for life for taking me) made me go nutz. And 'Da Mystery of Chesssboxin' gets mad play these days. Then u have Paid in Full (Rakim, not the movie sndtrk). How about my infatuation with The Listening and Moonlighting. Maybe I'll never have a definite favorite but as long they are dope I guess it doesn’t matter.

***this is the short version cuz I'd be typing all day
sidenote: I know the pic has nothin to with the topic but i thought it was cool

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The New (c) Dilla

This new Super Smash Bros Brawl game is great. Its like an improved and expanded version of the gamecube version. Not bad. its good for noobs and experienced Smash Bros gamers alike. I'm soooo glad I got a Wii.

***Ps3>>>wii and 360 tho

shake is the man

this might be the funniest pic ever! probably not but its damn hilarious.

EDIT: the song for the accompanying pic sux! I rocked with the Carter and Carter 2, my guess, if it ever drops, is that CIII will suck

SO, im browsing the sites I normally hit daily (Hit the Lainks) and notice ive been added to another blogroll. This is also without asking for either. So I’d like to thank 2DBZ and SOP. As well, as those who read the blog daily, or when I do post. This also goes out to Donwill and Meka since I started blogging after reading their respective blogs and being inspired.

***that pic is amazing in so many way

So my initial thoughts on The Odd Couple are that of St. Elsewhere. I love it all but it’ll take time to sink in. I don’t know if it’s better, but it’s close thus far. My favs are well idk yet, but I’ll say, “Blind Mary” and “Neighbors” for now. Anywho you definitely need to cop the cd when it drops. Apirl 8th!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Suicidal Thoughts

I'm not one to celebrate the anniversary of rapper's deaths. That being said today is B.I.G.'s. I'll dedicate May 21 to the memory of Christopher Wallace, but I'd like to take a moment of silence for the man that would most likely have the "best rapper ever" crown if not for his death. .....(<--silence) There RIP Biggie. There's a host of sites with dedications to Francis M to the izzz-H phenomenal so idk if I'll up any links. Check 2DBZ.

***sidenote: i used to be absolutely obsessed with "suicidal thoughts", so here you go.


So, when Teddy T said he was cop Trilla I gave him some holier-than-thou type of brush off. BUT I have read on several sites that I respect that the cd really isn't bad. So now that I just "acquired" it I will see if I feel the same way. And if he stepped up his pen game (or just enlisted a sick ghostwriter) I'll give him credit. But I'll assume the beats knock and get prepared for more "Ross is the boss, BOSS!" rhyme schemes.

***I will link a couple tracks later

Friday, March 7, 2008

death of a salesman

Why does it take for someone to die to get credit? Post-Dilla he is the best ever, before only true heads thought such. Pac and BIG both got to GOD status once they died. They thought of as 'best' to some, but were placed above all after their passings. I just don't get it. I don't know about you but I don't think Pimp C will be put up with these 2 since his death.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's Ova (c) Kenny Smith

LeBron absolutely served the Knicks last night. He is on another level. I mean tellin Spike Lee you gonna hit 50 is amazing. Even more so is him actually doing it. WOW. He is a MAN. MVP for sure, I can't see him not winning MVP. If he woulda won it last year I might let Kobe slide for this year, but far and away LBJ23 is the MVP this year. I'm not gonna debate who the better player is (LBJ23) that'll be later.

sidenote: Kobe getting Pau should hurt his MVP stock cuz he clearly has a great team to LeBron's JV roster.

***SHOUTS to 2Dopeboyz for throwing me on the blogroll, and their continued hot content(pause?)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Strictly Leakage

So…The Odd Couple Leaked and I feel like I’m the only who doesn’t have it. Who leaks these things anyway? It’s like there can’t be any kind of build up for releases cuz you know they’ll leak and you don’t have to wait to hear the album. Except for when the Black Album leaked, and T and me had it like 2 months before it dropped. That was different; cuz the tracks weren’t mastered and we didn’t even know the names of the songs. Still though, I would like if a CD didn’t leak and I could hear it fresh when I cop it.

***the GB banner was jacked from 2DBZ

EDIT: I now have the CD. THX SHAKE!! i will still be purchasing it

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

best text message ever!

So I'm at home last night watching ESPN (as usual) and my phone rings. I look at the message i have received and it reads: "I told ashley that if she give me head imma make my nuts slap her
in the chin....she hung up in my face". That shit made me laugh for like 30 minutes straight. HILARIOUS!

brain damage on the mic dont manage (c) Dr. Dre

Detox = a myth. It only exists in rumor. I don't believe this will ever come out. Chinese Democracy will drop before this. Also, after all this time if it isn't the best CD in history, it's a dud. Sorry Dre you are in a lose-lose situation. For that matter 2001 wasn't
groundbreaking at all. I mean it serves in the whip or just bumpin it period, but lyrically it's not GREAT. Nor was the production monumental. Dre is supposed to be that dude, but i think he is highly over-rated (sorry T). Just Blaze>Dr. Dre. There are more I can list but I'm not. Dre in 90's> Dre post 2000.

Album covers with creativity have taken a backseat. Now they are just the artist; Just a stand-alone picture of the artist with fancy writing for the title (a la TI vs TIP*). And the booklets are pretty wack too. I mean Jay’s covers are always just him but they don’t look wack**, especially the Kingdom Come cover. I mean the red thing that kinda changes that was cool. Lupe’s The Cool was tight too. The booklet more so than the cover, but the cover wasn’t bad. Also, his cover for Food & Liquor was dope. People just don’t seem to care. BUT I think Gnarls Barkley’s cover for St. Elsewhere as well as the forthcoming Odd Couple are great, not to mention the cover for the single "Crazy". Now look at Fat(ass) Joe’s new album cover for laughable Elephant in the Room. I think this would be better served with Fat(ass) Joe (Coke-a lmao) as the elephant( pictured above). That would be great. Remember DMX on the cover of Flesh of my Flesh… that was a grimey cover. And Kanye’s covers aren’t bad either, Graduation being the best, imo. This is getting kinda long but you get my point.

*CD sucked donkey balls
**at least not all of em

swagger jacked the photo from HHDX

Sunday, March 2, 2008


-Jay's verse on Maybach music >>>>> Rick Raawwwsssss(Ross)
-RE-Up Gang is severely under-rated, Let alone Pusha T
-Hittman is supposedly workin on Detox, what about Ms. Roq?
-I don't think LupEnd will be his last cd
-Fat Joe is wack and always has been, i don't care wat anyone says
-THIS picture and caption is hilarious
-I wonder how long before Pharoahe Monch's next LP
-Why did Lil Wayne visit his old HS if he dropped outta school @ 13 yr old? wat a role model
-And his insane addiction to Siiizzzurp, get it together. I bet that CIII will be a dud
-Fuck Dr. Dre, i expect Detox to drop....NEVER
thats all for now, more some other day

It's Hip-Hop, strong or not? (c) Royce Da 5'9"

I'd like to start this one off by saying FUCK NAS!!! Now it may sound harsh, but we are still receiving backlash over his Hip-Hop is Dead non-sense (not to mention the name of the CD was a marketing ploy). If you really think anything along those lines, then FUCK YOU TOO. Seriously, you see ppl all over the nets talkin ish, why don't you leave the HIPHOP site you're at and go to another site. We don't need your comments if you are one of the ignit fuck-boys that supposedly feel like our genre is "dead". I know the mainstream has shifted to the more kiddy/nonsensical side, but I feel things will balance out, if not; well, I don't listen to the radio and I never watch BET (fuck you too BET). Also, I REALLY hope Nas isn't using "Nigger" as a marketing ploy. If the CD isn't on point and doesn't stay completely on topic then he is effd in the A.