Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Strictly Leakage

So…The Odd Couple Leaked and I feel like I’m the only who doesn’t have it. Who leaks these things anyway? It’s like there can’t be any kind of build up for releases cuz you know they’ll leak and you don’t have to wait to hear the album. Except for when the Black Album leaked, and T and me had it like 2 months before it dropped. That was different; cuz the tracks weren’t mastered and we didn’t even know the names of the songs. Still though, I would like if a CD didn’t leak and I could hear it fresh when I cop it.

***the GB banner was jacked from 2DBZ

EDIT: I now have the CD. THX SHAKE!! i will still be purchasing it

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J. Burnett said...

my bad folks. i was comin' with the link right now. see....

i got you next time round.