Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bring it on bring it on (c) Wu-Tang

Now more than ever I'm so confused about my favorite cd ever. Once I copped The Blueprint that was it, for quite some time. But then I found my long lost Its Dark and Hell is Hot. For me being so young when it dropped it still made me feel like I was as grimy as DMX. So I was torn, and then to make it worse, I re-evaluated Reasonable Doubt. I was soooo conflicted. Now, I'm thinking 36 chambers gets the top spot. Idk, but hearing the Wu do “Bring Da Ruckus” at RTB (sal u my brother for life for taking me) made me go nutz. And 'Da Mystery of Chesssboxin' gets mad play these days. Then u have Paid in Full (Rakim, not the movie sndtrk). How about my infatuation with The Listening and Moonlighting. Maybe I'll never have a definite favorite but as long they are dope I guess it doesn’t matter.

***this is the short version cuz I'd be typing all day
sidenote: I know the pic has nothin to with the topic but i thought it was cool

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