Tuesday, March 4, 2008

brain damage on the mic dont manage (c) Dr. Dre

Detox = a myth. It only exists in rumor. I don't believe this will ever come out. Chinese Democracy will drop before this. Also, after all this time if it isn't the best CD in history, it's a dud. Sorry Dre you are in a lose-lose situation. For that matter 2001 wasn't
groundbreaking at all. I mean it serves in the whip or just bumpin it period, but lyrically it's not GREAT. Nor was the production monumental. Dre is supposed to be that dude, but i think he is highly over-rated (sorry T). Just Blaze>Dr. Dre. There are more I can list but I'm not. Dre in 90's> Dre post 2000.

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