Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's Hip-Hop, strong or not? (c) Royce Da 5'9"

I'd like to start this one off by saying FUCK NAS!!! Now it may sound harsh, but we are still receiving backlash over his Hip-Hop is Dead non-sense (not to mention the name of the CD was a marketing ploy). If you really think anything along those lines, then FUCK YOU TOO. Seriously, you see ppl all over the nets talkin ish, why don't you leave the HIPHOP site you're at and go to another site. We don't need your comments if you are one of the ignit fuck-boys that supposedly feel like our genre is "dead". I know the mainstream has shifted to the more kiddy/nonsensical side, but I feel things will balance out, if not; well, I don't listen to the radio and I never watch BET (fuck you too BET). Also, I REALLY hope Nas isn't using "Nigger" as a marketing ploy. If the CD isn't on point and doesn't stay completely on topic then he is effd in the A.

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