Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Album covers with creativity have taken a backseat. Now they are just the artist; Just a stand-alone picture of the artist with fancy writing for the title (a la TI vs TIP*). And the booklets are pretty wack too. I mean Jay’s covers are always just him but they don’t look wack**, especially the Kingdom Come cover. I mean the red thing that kinda changes that was cool. Lupe’s The Cool was tight too. The booklet more so than the cover, but the cover wasn’t bad. Also, his cover for Food & Liquor was dope. People just don’t seem to care. BUT I think Gnarls Barkley’s cover for St. Elsewhere as well as the forthcoming Odd Couple are great, not to mention the cover for the single "Crazy". Now look at Fat(ass) Joe’s new album cover for laughable Elephant in the Room. I think this would be better served with Fat(ass) Joe (Coke-a lmao) as the elephant( pictured above). That would be great. Remember DMX on the cover of Flesh of my Flesh… that was a grimey cover. And Kanye’s covers aren’t bad either, Graduation being the best, imo. This is getting kinda long but you get my point.

*CD sucked donkey balls
**at least not all of em

swagger jacked the photo from HHDX

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