Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group

So Tanya Morgan been doin they thing [II], but I feel like I don't wanna wait til the fall for BKnati. Now with this mixtape coming out in a couple days it'll quench our(my) thirst. Not to mention The Bridge in April (I'm holding Von and Don to that). After hearing the TM and Naledge track I WANT ANOTHER ALBUM NOW! I mean I bang Moonlighting (again [II]) like it came out yesterday, but this new ish got me going nuts. I think "Cuddle Bums" started it, but the Naledge joint and the Torae joint is furthering the music fiend (like crack) in me.

here you go: Von Pea - Computers
Tanya Morgan Ft Naledge - You Should Know
more can be found on Donwill's blog
**I yoked computers from Meka of 2DBZ and you should know from dondub

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