Sunday, July 27, 2008

ZO! and Tigallo Love The 80's

So I got this in the mail yesterday along with my XXL (i got the one with the Jeezy cover thank god). And to my surprise Meka has a little writing credit (LA the Darkman mixtape review) and Tanya Morgan got a nice mention in the Chairman's Choice

Kanye on one

spotted at Esso's spot

speaking of Esso here's his destruction of Paper Plane's

Friday, July 25, 2008

Elzhi x Childhood Champs

Eighty's Baby just hit me with the this video, that i saw posted somewhere but ignored it (cuz i was on my phone internet). Peep Elzhi's shirt. Elzhi is a MF beast on the mic! Slum Village!

My life is all have (c) Monch

I live in my own world. It is a dream world, and a world of dream (yes they are different). Simply put, again, I live in my own world (that’s why I can’t never stay focused on anything...I mean ANYTHING). I take in only what I want. Remember what I want, and Do what I want. I have no regard for other people. I know how most things will pan. I’m a realest, I have no time to look at the so-called “brighter side”, cuz shit don’t happen like that for me. I always get the stuff I don’t need, and a lil of what I need, but NEVER what I want. If I want something really bad, I might as well quit because that’s as far as it goes, a want. Living in my own world and having my dreams and keeping them to myself keeps me away from the judgment of others. I have the freedom to do whatever I want at anyone’s expense. It’s not always right, but who cares. It’s my life and I’ll live how I want. In MY world.

Now go download Sweet Lord, its FUCKING D-O-P-E

**that pic is like 2yrs old, I just rediscovered it

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Support U-N-I

yes I looked away. Yes I'm tired. AND YES that's Thurzday of U-N-I. That's in line for that Road to the VMA's joint I attended with my cousin and happened to meet up with the Eighty's Baby fam. It started mega late but it was cool. We bounced after U-N-I performed cuz that's all I care about. The Game and Kat Von D were 2 of the three judge's. Kat had an absurd amount of make-up on so she didn't look as sexy as usual. The Game looked like someone just punted his dog off the bridge and had a crew of like 15 people (including 2 12-13 yr olds with BWS chains). and FYI UNI killed that shit. They only did 3 songs (KREAM, Beautiful Day, and Castlevania), but it was enough to turn my cousin into a fan.

**where the kcuf is that Soul Hop vid?!?

Monday, July 21, 2008


BEST. MOVIE. EVER. Seriously. Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker was PERFECT! I cannot put into words how spot on and just absolutlely perfect he played the role. That is really The Joker. He absolutely stole the spotlight. It's very sad that he died after giving the performance of a lifetime. I think he surpassed the job Sir Anthony Hopkins did with Hannibal Lector. The overall movie was definitely more of the dark comic book Batman, which how its supposed to be (ahem..Mr Burton). The story line doesn't leave much to be desired. My only complaint is that Maggie Gyllenhaal isn't hot, but her acting did the role plenty justice. I was curious how they would do Harvey Dent, and again, perfect. Whether or not they do another one is irrelavent, this one can suffice for a life. Read HHDX's review of the movie, its awesome. here's a quote :

"Ledger’s creation of a villain who is so capable of being so vile and endearing at the same time is truly a masterpiece, and is performance few are likely to ever forget."

** i saw it twice. Do your self a favor and see it in IMAX (i did the first time). I will see it a 3rd time

Friday, July 18, 2008

Boom MF Bap

Fall in Love by Slum Village is probably my favorite track by the group and possibly my fav Jay Dee cut (POSSIBLY). In the re-pressed copy of Fantastic Vol 2 it was omitted because of sample clearance issues. Boy was I upset when I picked up a copy and it wasn't on it! ANYONE with a OG copy willing to sell? Anywho this joint always sets it off and makes me wanna go nuts despite the mellow tones. Too bad Baatin went crazy and became a coke sniffin, rock smokin, skitzo. He had plenty of promise displayed. long live T3 and RIP DILLA.

ps. i Hate dilla dick riders. even u wasnt down before why now? but still at least he finally gettin his just due in the mainstream. but we all knew before his death he was once in a lifetime god(ess) rest his soul


Let's start a petition that Murs should ONLY rap over 9th Wonder production.... Sweet Lord coming soon

Murs - Sweet Lord Intro

courtesy of Shake

Cuz U-N-I needs(shows) love (c) U-N-I Fat Girls

Come support the westcoast crew

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kam Moye

so I'm guilty of downloading o buying shit and letting it breathe before I listen. AND boy oh boy have I slept on this EP by Kam Moye. The Self Centered EP is mega dope. Please!! do yourself a favor and download this and lisssttten!!! (no khalid <---lmao hilarious) Kam Moye - Self Centered EP via fwmj

Mickey Factz ft Tanya Morgan

Mickey Factz ft Tanya Morgan - We Ain't

yoked the pic and link from Von. This song is GREAT!! I love TM and I get down with Mick's the leak series.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mason Betha

although I was a 2pac, BIG, Jay, DMX etc fanboy in my youth... I KCUFin LOVED Ma$e. You couldn't tell me nuthin, I rocked wit Harlem World heavy (sorry M dot). And Murda Ma$e killed his verse on DMX "Niggas done started somethin". He said himself the pretty boy image was Puff idea...anywho I even bought his comeback cd. BUT I aint rockin wit duke after he came back with that nigga bitch shit again. Then goin back to the ministry LMAO. So here is to an unhealthy love of a craptacular jiggy rapper! what a childhood

SMH @ The Lox

messin me up my whole head

RTB can't come soon enough!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I got an email with this track from DXnext artist Boaz. I can't say I know anything bout duke, but he rcoks wit Wiz Khalifa so I listened. I can't say I like it, but I won't write son off cuz of one song. BUT the beat is knockin, so here is Boaz new single

Boaz - Gettin Mine

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Hip-Hop Hipster Label

So the new “in” label is to call the new artists with an old school vibe or dress with tight clothes or rock vintage ish is Hipster. I’m not fond of the label, but if it has to stick, oh well. I mean we had the whole TrapHop shit, and that worked out ok (not!). I mean the hipster label is wack but the artists who fall under are dope as fuck. The complaint also hasn’t been about the music, for the most part, it’s mostly about how they dress. In the homophobic world of Hip-Hop, isn’t it wild homo to worry why a ninja wanna wear skinny jeans. I mean you are the one peepin his male camel toe (no Haux Maux), all I’m worried about is if the music is hot. And some of these unfairly labeled “Hipsters” like The Cool Kids, U-N-I, Kidz in the Hall, PacDiv, Wale, ETC, are bringing hotness. So fuck what they wear. You could rock a tutu and do ballet moves, and still talk about stabbing brains with nose bones, but can’t wear skinny jeans and vintage shirts and rap about a good day. Fuck That! I know some people have a problem with someone born in 87 sayin they bringin 88 back, but why not. Just because they weren’t necessarily a product of the year doesn’t mean it wasn’t an influence and a nostalgia they wanna remember and pay homage to. For the sake of argument we can call all rap music Hip-Hop, it’s just not good Hip-Hop all the time.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Mikey Rocks off his rocker

this freestyle session in London on DJ MK show, Mikey kills this ish. Chuck spits a verse off the LP When Fish Ride Bicycles.


click the pic. a lot of my favs is mentioned!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

after about 10 listens, YOU NEED to COP TANYA MORGAN's The Bridge EP. Whether digital or hard copy...Cop that ish! its mad dope. And if you like it, you should get Moonlighting and the Sunset EP. and be ready for Brooklynati

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

daydreaming and i'm thinkin of you

Marty McFly HyperDunks at Undefeated in santa monica at 4pm. How i long for thee.... :(


Really? You have out grown your tats and are gonna have them all removed. Cmon now. I lost all respect I had for Pharrell. And he is one of my fav artists. I feel like getting a tat is a big decision, but once you get it bad or good its part of you. And to have a part of u removed… no sir! NO SIR!!! I will no longer support fam.

**I also don’t support implants, botox, nose jobs etc. no matter how nice those hooters/ass look afterward.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Y-O and Thurzday

So if you haven't heard Chicken and Watermelon yet...FUCK U! U-N-I is the ish. In the spirit of making a video for my fav song on the cd Soul Hop, their manager hit me with a link for the song (even tho i have it, good look anyway). So D/L it, look out for the video and try and get to they show at the Key Club on July 5. I unfortunately won't be there, but you should. They put on quite a show!

U-N-I - Soul Hop