Friday, July 18, 2008

Boom MF Bap

Fall in Love by Slum Village is probably my favorite track by the group and possibly my fav Jay Dee cut (POSSIBLY). In the re-pressed copy of Fantastic Vol 2 it was omitted because of sample clearance issues. Boy was I upset when I picked up a copy and it wasn't on it! ANYONE with a OG copy willing to sell? Anywho this joint always sets it off and makes me wanna go nuts despite the mellow tones. Too bad Baatin went crazy and became a coke sniffin, rock smokin, skitzo. He had plenty of promise displayed. long live T3 and RIP DILLA.

ps. i Hate dilla dick riders. even u wasnt down before why now? but still at least he finally gettin his just due in the mainstream. but we all knew before his death he was once in a lifetime god(ess) rest his soul

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