Monday, July 7, 2008

The Hip-Hop Hipster Label

So the new “in” label is to call the new artists with an old school vibe or dress with tight clothes or rock vintage ish is Hipster. I’m not fond of the label, but if it has to stick, oh well. I mean we had the whole TrapHop shit, and that worked out ok (not!). I mean the hipster label is wack but the artists who fall under are dope as fuck. The complaint also hasn’t been about the music, for the most part, it’s mostly about how they dress. In the homophobic world of Hip-Hop, isn’t it wild homo to worry why a ninja wanna wear skinny jeans. I mean you are the one peepin his male camel toe (no Haux Maux), all I’m worried about is if the music is hot. And some of these unfairly labeled “Hipsters” like The Cool Kids, U-N-I, Kidz in the Hall, PacDiv, Wale, ETC, are bringing hotness. So fuck what they wear. You could rock a tutu and do ballet moves, and still talk about stabbing brains with nose bones, but can’t wear skinny jeans and vintage shirts and rap about a good day. Fuck That! I know some people have a problem with someone born in 87 sayin they bringin 88 back, but why not. Just because they weren’t necessarily a product of the year doesn’t mean it wasn’t an influence and a nostalgia they wanna remember and pay homage to. For the sake of argument we can call all rap music Hip-Hop, it’s just not good Hip-Hop all the time.


nosa101 said...

I think the another problem people have with hipster rap is the ridiculous hype they have. I'll be honest, none of them is really that good. They only seem amazing because of the shit that saturates the radios.
Another thing that is annoying about hipster rap is their fans. They have become the Mac of rap. They have elitist, self absorbed and borderline retarded fans.

meka soul said...

*crashes thru floor @ male camel toe*

you b clipse, hit me up. i'm doin a podcast w/brillyance w/in the next week and i wanna see if you'd be down to join in.