Friday, July 25, 2008

My life is all have (c) Monch

I live in my own world. It is a dream world, and a world of dream (yes they are different). Simply put, again, I live in my own world (that’s why I can’t never stay focused on anything...I mean ANYTHING). I take in only what I want. Remember what I want, and Do what I want. I have no regard for other people. I know how most things will pan. I’m a realest, I have no time to look at the so-called “brighter side”, cuz shit don’t happen like that for me. I always get the stuff I don’t need, and a lil of what I need, but NEVER what I want. If I want something really bad, I might as well quit because that’s as far as it goes, a want. Living in my own world and having my dreams and keeping them to myself keeps me away from the judgment of others. I have the freedom to do whatever I want at anyone’s expense. It’s not always right, but who cares. It’s my life and I’ll live how I want. In MY world.

Now go download Sweet Lord, its FUCKING D-O-P-E

**that pic is like 2yrs old, I just rediscovered it

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