Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How the mighty have fallen

Does anyone else wonder how DMX went from TOP 5 rapper to another law breaking, possibly strung out, and just another nigga. No offense, but I’m sure T will agree. Now he really ain’t shit. Plus he just lost out on major cash by plain and simple missing a court date. The rise and fall of a rapper is worse than the stock market. I hope he had enough in his savings to not have to sell his soul and do reality TV. Wait a second . . .

**note the jail pose in the pic

Monday, February 25, 2008

Woman’s Life is Love and a Man’s Love is Life

Why does everyone want love? I feel it is over-rated. I’d rather be able to put up with someone or just stand them for an extended period. That’s all I want. I could marry that person. You can love someone but get a divorce 2 months later. I think it’s more about friendship and tolerance than so-called “love”. Now don’t get it twisted love is nice, and they make GREAT love songs, but it just gets blown outta proportion. It’s not the cure-all and won’t make you happy always. Love only makes things worse and gets in the way, unless you’re me of course. Learn to be detached a bit, be for yourself before someone. It makes it easier on you. And now I leave you with a song that Phonte kills and his verse has something along to the lines of what I’m talking about.

Little Brother – Breakin My Heart

Sunday, February 24, 2008

the legend continues

The Roots crew leaked a song off the forthcoming Rising Down, entitled 75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction). It fits right in with Game Theory. I’m digging the “darker” side of The Roots and if this is how there new album is gonna sound I say bring it on. Black Thought gets down as usual. Rising Down!!

The Roots - 75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)

**courtesy of 2BDZ via OKP

New Workout Plan

Its combine time! I have no idea why people aren’t working out, that s the reason for the combine. FAGS! It makes me upset to turn on the TV and Darren McFadden refuses to bench press when everyone else is. WTF, Why would you accept the invitation to workout then go there and not workout. SHENANIGANS!!! But so far the TE from Purdue (his name slips my mind) is a workout wonder. Hopefully someone else will steal the show too.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My life, my love

Looking at my cd collection, I feel that I must make a list of my favorites. This is not an all-time favorite list, cuz over the years my cd collection has been stolen 2 or 3 times. This is just a list of ten I know I have, and love. Now in no particular order:

1. Jay-Z The Blueprint: I have banged this cd hard (pause) since 9/11. I feel (besides Reasonable Doubt) this is Jay at his best. His beat selection was great, his flow is great on every track and the bonus tracks are good. Unlike many, I feel his verses on Renegade surpass that of eminem’s.

2. Lupe Fiasco Food & Liquor: The leak was better. That being said, Lupe killed this cd. His concept tracks are great. His beat selection is a bit iffy, but you get the point with why he chooses the track. His flow is like the new school version of the old school Nas.

3. Wu-Tang 36 Chambers: This is Wu-Tang at their most gritty and finest. They all kill every track. And Rza’s beats have never been more on point than here. And integrating the Shaolin movies quotes was a great idea.

4. Cody ChesnuTT The Headphone Masterpiece: This cd is pure GENIUS!! This great 2 disc cd has tracks meshing all genres and does so well. With songs ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes it’s a mixed bag of fun, love, conceit and more. If you haven’t heard this cd you’re missing out

5. Kanye West College Dropout (remastered): I must note that this is the remastered version. And it is much more crisp (not that the average listener would notice). The drums on spaceship hit much harder and Never Let Me Down is waaayyy cleaner. Kanye’s freshman effort has been called a classic by many and I will agree. All the production from song to song is different and his flow is so raw. Who knew the first nigga wit a Benz and a backpack could be so fresh.

6. Dr. Dre 2001: This was the shit from the first time I heard it. Dre’s (and others) production was ridiculous. They killed, like, the whole cd. It brings out the best raps from even mediocre artists. Hittman serves this cd as the premiere guest. Lawsuits and accusations aside, this cd is a CLASSIC.

7. Little Brother The Listening: The then trio of Phonte, Big Pooh, and 9th Wonder couldn’t have had a better debut. An under the radar classic, they bring it. Phonte shows his sharp lyrical prowess and leaves some room to grow. Pooh is no slouch and has since honed his skill on the mic. 9th shows off his production versatility and starts what has become to be known as “The Snare”. This cd showcases all of the skills of Little Brother and is about as good as a debut album you can make.

8. J Dilla Donuts: The ULTIMATE beat cd. He made this all from a hospital bed, and you would never know. He takes production to another level with this cd. Although he passed 3 days after the release, this would cement his place as the best Hip-Hop producer ever! The creativity is crazy on each track.

9. Common Be: Be is Common’s finding forever. This may be his best record to date (depending who you ask). He flow is a non stop freight train, it comes hard every time. And with Kanye West on the boards you can’t lose. But Dilla came through on my two favorites on the cd. Its Your World was killer song from a lyrical and production stand point. I wish he followed through with the video for every song, but at least we got that great vid for Testify (with Wood Harris, the most under-rated actor ever)

10. Mos Def The New Danger: Talk about slept and hated on. A lot of people shitted on the cd because of the rock/soul/jazz/funk/hip-hop fusion, rather than a pure Hip-hop banger (a la Black on Both Sides). But this joint is fresh. Only his 2nd solo LP, it is great. He shows the definition of versatility and gives us a hit from front to back. My favs are Modern marvel, the boogie man song, and The Rape Over. He raps and sings throughout the cd and it’s a doozy.

**** that pic is before I put my cd's in order...they were just scattered everywhere.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


so im stuck at work while the Lakers-Suns on, UGHCK! i dont care bout shaq-kobe nonsense, i just wanna see if Shaq can hang with the Suns O. At least the convo at DONDUB's c-box spot is poppin. On that note...IlWil's Beat Thieves 2 is out go to 2DBZ and to cop it. all I can say is it's about damn time.


Ms. Bassa, blogger @ DX, did an interview with Wale. READ IT!!!

**props to me for giving her the title

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sample vs Original production

I feel that there is nothing wrong with sample heavy production. Some say real producers don’t sample; I say that’s BS. The same way producers sample and make a wack track is the same way producers make an original track that sucks balls. It’s about creativity. You can use a played out 808 but make it hot. And you can flip samples that have been used a million times and still make it hot (Just Blaze on “kingdom come” anyone!?). When Kanye and Just were use the chipmunk soul samples it was hot. Shit even the heatmakerz were. But when every nigga wit a computer was speeding up a loop it got wack. So they found something new. Original production gets stale too. Look at Timbo’s catalog. This dude was churning out beats that sounded the same for years. Kinda like Stargate( I see u T). It just has to stay creative. That is why people consider Dilla the holy grail of standards. He looped shit that was half a second long over a 10 sec loop and cut in some random shit. And it was crisp. Not all cluttered. He knew what could fit where and how. CREATIVITY!! That’s what it’s about. You can have any equipment of just use your pc/mac, just make that shit hot.

**shout to the Neptune’s for the spacey shit, for a minute they ran shit and it was beautiful.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Random Hero Returns

installment 2 of the random hero playlist. Enjoy! Random Hero 2

Dilla Dog

I just thought this pic was ill. Don't remember where I yoked it from.


the dunk contest was crazy bananas. riDUNKulous. Dwight put on a hell of a show. Gerald might have won any other year, but Dwight was Superman. Literally.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


So, the blogger from out west, Brillyance, has stated several times that the best rapper in the game is Common. I have no problem with such (I say Jay 1, Com 2). He is at the height of his career after 15, 16 some odd years in a game where longevity isn’t a guarantee by any stretch. Between acting and shredding the mic I might agree with my westcoast brethren. With his latest effort being such a smash (Be is better btw) and starring in BIG movies Common has the perfect crossover appeal. Not to mention he has one Mr. Kanye West on his side. He keeps his rhymes mega fresh with an added mass appeal, which is a fine line between the proverbial “keepin it real” artist and super “sellout”. I think Be keeps it realer but Finding Forever is no slouch. Maybe now we can see Electric Circus in a better light, because it was nice, just different (a la the Love Below).

*music links coming soon

**Eff Alnaly and Jalea in the A for seein Com last night and Ye with his guest appearance.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Shining

While Dilla past away two years ago as of Sunday, I didn't want to do the post. I wanted to wait. It’s weird how when people die their legacy is held in a new regard. Making them waaaaayyyy more relevant then when they were living (read 2pac); same thing for Mr. J Dilla. I always knew of and appreciated him. And I'm happy that people are recognizing that he is the best hip-hop producer of all-time. It’s just sad that it took an untimely death for him to be held to such esteem (again read 2pac). So this is to Jay Dee may you rest in peace.

**My fav tracks off Donuts: 'Time: The Donut of The Heart' and 'The Last Donut of The Night'
***2DBZ put up quite the tribute to Dilla, as well as Aliya Ewing of HHDX.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Rap duo comprised of Y-O and Thurzday straight out the Wood (thats Inglewood you little yentas). Cats is nice and spit it real. Not the typical west coast group. Cuz they don't have the Faux-Dre/Quik/NWA/etc sound. They have the east coast style in sum songs (but then again who doesn't) but in the most west coast of ways. Get it!?! They remind me of The Pharcyde A LOT. The song K.R.E.A.M. will get it poppin for any sneaker fiend. Meka's DXnext feature does them justice. I slept on the mixtape "Fried Chicken and Watermelon", but now that I'm up on game you must be too. My favorites cuts are "Soul Hop" and the hilarious "Fat Girl"

**i forgot where i swaggerjacked the photo sue me!


SO many AG remixes have hit the seen but this artwork is CLASSIC!! The remixes were a great idea as well. Next I guess we'll have a Hawaiian Sophie remix LMAO!!
Jay-Z - Classic Gangster (Those MF's)

Link and Pic courtesy of 2DBZ

What I Got

Here's the random hero playlist. Its just a little list of songs that I'm currently listening to, that I am bringing to you. another post coming later, don't think I'm being a lazy ass.

Random Hero Playlist

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


OK i've had it. STOP making yourself look so stupid. This guy is doin the most coonish of dancing and it has to stop. I let Soulja Boy slide cuz the dude is what like 17 but this guy is a grown man doin this shit. FUCK!! The cooning needs to stop. Click the image for the video and heres the laink to the song. YV- I Got a Dollar. this dance is called the "buckwheat". not a good look SMH!

Gonna take you to the glory (c) Kanye

So, the presidential primaries are today. I’m not one to be all political and shit being that I don’t believe in the system. I would be voting for Mr. Barack Obama. He seems to me that he wants to invoke a change, rather than maintain the status quo of our “free” racist country. It’s weird that in this day and age that we can choose between a woman and black man for president. I thought I’d be dead before I saw a rap listening half-nigga president, or an over emotional dyke manly-woman as presidential candidates. Let alone the front runners for the whole shebang. My thing is Obama seems to be the leader of change we need. Odds are nothing will but at least he will try. That, or be the consummate scapegoat America needs. I can see it now (in my best YT crakka voice) “Blame the nigger!” But here’s going to Barack Hussein Obama (that’s a bad name to have for anyone, let alone our president) may you TRY and lead us to glory (assuming you win the primary).

Monday, February 4, 2008


So 2DBZ has the no dj version of "We Got It For Cheap V.3", i suggest you acquire it. I haven't listened to it yet, but if its anything like V.1 and V.2 then its worth the wait. Pusha T is THAT dude and Malice compliments him very well. Sandman and Ab-Liva brings their Philly flavor to the new yorker's raised in VA brothers. I'm bout to give this a listen I suggest you do the same.

EDIT: Upon listening Vol 2 i still the best but this one ain't nuthin to sleep on.


I can't believe nobody I know picked the Giants, except for yours truly. When that ball went up I knew it was game, especially since Hobbs slipped on a nice slant and go. I was literally screaming at the top of my lungs. It's nice to see the underdog win, but I wasn't routing for the underdog, I was routing for the winner.

SIDENOTE: Head to SOP to see the pwned man of the century; had me dyin for like a hour.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Flashing Lights!!!

Now this has been up for a week (give or take a few days) but I'm still gassed. I will go to this! Malcolm style if need be (you know... by any means). I mean Graduation is built for performance, and Lupe's shows are supposed to be great. I could do without Rihanna but I'm sure her shows are entertaining cuz lawrd know she can't saing. BUT this being said I want to see N*E*R*D. Period. With the N3RD release rumored this year, and their last 2 joints takin over my life, I AM EXCITED to say the least. Now the real question is who's joining me?

NERD - Run To the Sun and Truth or Dare