Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Shining

While Dilla past away two years ago as of Sunday, I didn't want to do the post. I wanted to wait. It’s weird how when people die their legacy is held in a new regard. Making them waaaaayyyy more relevant then when they were living (read 2pac); same thing for Mr. J Dilla. I always knew of and appreciated him. And I'm happy that people are recognizing that he is the best hip-hop producer of all-time. It’s just sad that it took an untimely death for him to be held to such esteem (again read 2pac). So this is to Jay Dee may you rest in peace.

**My fav tracks off Donuts: 'Time: The Donut of The Heart' and 'The Last Donut of The Night'
***2DBZ put up quite the tribute to Dilla, as well as Aliya Ewing of HHDX.

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