Monday, February 18, 2008

Sample vs Original production

I feel that there is nothing wrong with sample heavy production. Some say real producers don’t sample; I say that’s BS. The same way producers sample and make a wack track is the same way producers make an original track that sucks balls. It’s about creativity. You can use a played out 808 but make it hot. And you can flip samples that have been used a million times and still make it hot (Just Blaze on “kingdom come” anyone!?). When Kanye and Just were use the chipmunk soul samples it was hot. Shit even the heatmakerz were. But when every nigga wit a computer was speeding up a loop it got wack. So they found something new. Original production gets stale too. Look at Timbo’s catalog. This dude was churning out beats that sounded the same for years. Kinda like Stargate( I see u T). It just has to stay creative. That is why people consider Dilla the holy grail of standards. He looped shit that was half a second long over a 10 sec loop and cut in some random shit. And it was crisp. Not all cluttered. He knew what could fit where and how. CREATIVITY!! That’s what it’s about. You can have any equipment of just use your pc/mac, just make that shit hot.

**shout to the Neptune’s for the spacey shit, for a minute they ran shit and it was beautiful.

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