Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gonna take you to the glory (c) Kanye

So, the presidential primaries are today. I’m not one to be all political and shit being that I don’t believe in the system. I would be voting for Mr. Barack Obama. He seems to me that he wants to invoke a change, rather than maintain the status quo of our “free” racist country. It’s weird that in this day and age that we can choose between a woman and black man for president. I thought I’d be dead before I saw a rap listening half-nigga president, or an over emotional dyke manly-woman as presidential candidates. Let alone the front runners for the whole shebang. My thing is Obama seems to be the leader of change we need. Odds are nothing will but at least he will try. That, or be the consummate scapegoat America needs. I can see it now (in my best YT crakka voice) “Blame the nigger!” But here’s going to Barack Hussein Obama (that’s a bad name to have for anyone, let alone our president) may you TRY and lead us to glory (assuming you win the primary).

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