Sunday, March 2, 2008


-Jay's verse on Maybach music >>>>> Rick Raawwwsssss(Ross)
-RE-Up Gang is severely under-rated, Let alone Pusha T
-Hittman is supposedly workin on Detox, what about Ms. Roq?
-I don't think LupEnd will be his last cd
-Fat Joe is wack and always has been, i don't care wat anyone says
-THIS picture and caption is hilarious
-I wonder how long before Pharoahe Monch's next LP
-Why did Lil Wayne visit his old HS if he dropped outta school @ 13 yr old? wat a role model
-And his insane addiction to Siiizzzurp, get it together. I bet that CIII will be a dud
-Fuck Dr. Dre, i expect Detox to drop....NEVER
thats all for now, more some other day

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