Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yyyyeaahhhhh (c) Jeezy

-ok now i know for a fact my favorite song on The Odd Couple is "Going On".
-elitism in hiphop is wiggity wiggity wack
-LL made a bunch of girl tracks and was dope, ja rule did it and 50 ended his career. wats the catch?
-Black Thought is top-5 dead or alive, fuck wat u think
-Black women>>>>>any other ethnicity (sorry)
-remember when The Lox was the shit
-wale's interscope deal, blessing or jerk-deal like joell ortiz? time will tell
-based on "lollipop" i think the Carter III will suck donkey balls (i hope not)

links courtesy of myself, 2DBZ and HHDX

***when we were little we all wanted to be the green ranger. but did u notice the first one replaced was the black guy (who happened to be the black ranger) Racist! lol

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