Saturday, June 14, 2008

hip-hop you saved me

In these trying times music, more specifically Hip-Hop, has my back, as usual (literally and figuratively). So while I try to occupy my mind, I wanted to listen to some Dilla. I got to thinkin bout that Phonte Joint he dedicated to Jay Dee. It's a great tribute, and there is a lot more than the face value of the track. He combines elements of at least 3 J Dilla joints to make one tribute track. If you are not familar with the catalog you wouldn't know, although 2 of the songs referenced are from The Shining.

Won't Do is the main song, Baby and Fall in Love are referenced in the outro mostly.

*Shake, the release of Jay Love Japan was unofficial but there are official versions, so idk. It was "officially" released in March but idk, im just gonna cop it.

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