Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Mighty

Love, a dangerous necessity that people seek without regard
To where they are, the human heart is curious above all things,
laa the lights are low
your eyes are bright
the music, makes it sweet delight
It's out inside, I'm feeling right
your dress is tight
Oh waaaa ow, I want you right now

Mos Def kicks some serious shit over a funny not really meaningful song Drunk and Hot Girls. Some places with lyrics have it listed as "Lot of" not "Love, a..." uuhhh MF are you stupid! but this is a very raw (and deep [II]) statement to be in the middle of a song bout drunk hoes. I hope more people appreciate this.

***I hope he does this at RTB...or at least travelin man (he sang the chorus A Capella last year)

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