Friday, April 4, 2008

want you to want me

Some people dwell on the past a lil too much. Whether it was them high school jock days or old relationships. Its ok to reminisce here and there, but don't get stuck. If your old bitch is gone, she gone time to move on. Stop actin like uncle Rico, 'if only coach put me in, in the 4th'. I thought about a couple past situations, and yea it'd be great if a certain female or 2 worked out, or if I had stability enough to know where I was gonna sleep at nite during high school. But hey, its life, you roll with the punches and keep it movin. I made it here sans those chicks and stability. So why you gotta dwell on shit, the old 'what doesn't kill you ...' adage should apply right. Take time to look back on what could have been so sweet and keep it pushin, its ok to remember. Just don't live there.

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