Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not bad meaning bad


You know how guys and girls be like “I’m done with guys/girls”. They are big fat liars. I never say that, I just say I need a break from so and so, or dating in general. Annoying girls suck. I mean there is only so long I can stare at your rack before I get tired of your shit. No matter what J Burn says about how bad she is, she gotta kick rocks unless her attitude is right. And the coke bottle baby is over-rated unless her face is right. Too many of my boys will get at a chick for a luscious booty, or phenomenal jugs. I need a pretty face first. Not to say I’ve never strayed but fuck, butter-heads face get outta hand, thus the butter-head term. I’d honestly settle for some sub par bitties((c)von pea) if they were cool as fuck. Cuz lawrdy knows I can’t take no BS.

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