Sunday, April 20, 2008

Heart Of The City

So I went to the Heart of the City Jay-Z and Mary J Blige concert. BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! That is the defintion of a performance. The Dream opened. Duke sucks balls. He should stick to writing people shit. But Mary FUCKIN killed it. They started with "Can't Knock the Hustle", after that my voice was already gone. Then it was Mary's set. She is amazing. Simply incredible. Not like these current "singers" that cant can't a lick. Not a second after I turned to the homie (who got me the ticket for cheap!!!!) to say "i hope she does 'sweet thing'", POW! it drops**. After her looooonnnnngg set, enter Hov. He started with Roc Boys, and it was over from there. Like he said after songs, "he got a million of those". He went through about half of American Gangster. I went nutz to EVERY song. From PSA, Dead Pres pt2, Can I Live, Show Me What You Got, Big Pimpin, His verse in Upgrade U, I Know, the list goes on. My absolute fav was U Don't Know. With a live mutha fuckin band! It was just an all-around incredible experience. Best day of my life! Then when we left we swiped some bags from the VIP section (lol). Got 4 shirts, 2 women 2 men. So my homegirl gets a I saw Hova and you didn't but you can have this shirt. She's very bitter. I would be too. We cruised the strip then bounced. I'll upload the pix when my homie emails them joints.

**that is my favorite song, regardless of genre and version, i like both her and Chaka Khan's.

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