Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Turn off the lights, light a candle

Now I’m not the romantic guy that “makes love” with candles lit and music playing. I just want to hit it or get some knowledge, and play my video games. I mean I did intentionally play some music while getting the stank one time. Albeit it was Jay-Z, I guess I can relate to Rick Ross and Jay in that sense. “Threw on a rap CD, we gangsta fucked”, anywho . . .

R. Kelly – Honey Love: this song was probably about a 12 yr old girl but still ever since Kaine got the poon from Pernell girl to this song, I want to do the same.

ATCQ – Find a Way: Ain’t not particular reason I just thing it’s ill. Why I gotta dig the conch wit a soft R&B joint? Will some smoothed out Hip-Hop do? It better

Any Too $hort joint: Why wouldn’t you wanna hit skins to a Short Dogg song. Call your woman a bitch and hoe, telling her all sorts of shit you wouldn’t normally get away with and shit. I’m in.

Tanya Morgan – Want You to Want Me: continuing the Hip Hop theme, though the Marvin Gaye version would’ve sufficed, there’s nothing like getting the pink exchange to a good Hip Hop song.

EDIT!!: Akinyele - Put it in Your Mouth and Fuck Me for Free: How could I forget these classics. The names speaks for themself. Shouts to Meka Soul

**zshare actin stupid so ill up the Tanya Morgan joint later

sidenote: arent the akinyele drums a variant on the same drums biggie jacked from al green?

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Meka Soul said...

you forgot "fuck me for free" and "put it in your mouth" by akinyele.