Saturday, September 6, 2008

its time to get hype

just a couple of songs I go fuckin crazy to

Ante-Up- one of the guiliest joints ever.

Da Goodness- Shake ya stankin ass

Check the Rhime- Maybe my favorite Tribe song period.

Gimme the Loot- Gave me dreams of being a stick up kid

Simon Says- The song with an uncleared that's leading me to pay 50 bucks for the cd online since its no longer in print

*bonus* Little Brother - Hold On: this was on the euro release of The Minstrel Show (classic). I was pissed when i acquired it. Cuz this shit is FIRE! 9th at his best. plus you the lyrics is right.

1 comment:

M* said...

would u even consider spaz or everybody nose?? meth man song da rockwilder ? haha