Thursday, September 25, 2008


every track #2 on every ATCQ cd is dope. idk, i just thought was weird. I think every track #2 for every cd should be dope, why not make the album start off bangin.

oh yea, that George Bush crap last night..was common knowledge if you watch the propganda that is fox news, or any news really. anywho, it made me miss The Simpsons and that was not pleasant. Plus McCain's cop out of the debate is preposterous. I don't think Obama can fix the mess bush is leaving but he sure is a better choice (both VP's suck donkey balls. but at least I'd let Palin actually suck my balls hiaayyooooo). And really i long to see the day a Green Party or Independent wins.

lastly, this "it ain't trickin if you got it" BS needs to stop. Got it or not, if she not ur bitch, or she a jumpoff, or whatever, its FUCKIN trickin on her. We're not talkin dinner and/or hangin out or Starbucks, but if you droppin dough on this broad, its fuckin trickin fam... shouts to Cipha Sounds and rosenberg

**anyone get the pic?

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