Thursday, September 18, 2008

N*E*R*D X Common Show

its 6am and I having a great time listenin to the R. Kelly interview. HILARIOUS!! how old we talkin? 19? LMFAO

Anywho, the N*E*R*D and Common show at The Wiltern was super dope. There was plenty of tomfoolery inside and out. Chester French got it poppin. Now if your not...GET FAMILIAR! These preppy white boys are dope. Only complaint I have, is when introducing the band D.A. blatantly skipped the two black guys...Anywho, there was this select group of random people dancing in the pit. its was painfully hilarious to see they're awkward white dancing (even tho one guy was black). BUT this one old ass dude was FUNCTIONING!! all throughout the night.

Once N*E*R*D took the stage, it really got ill. They were sans Chad (Me and Alex SCREAMED "Where's Chad!?" and several times Pharrell heard us, but never answered...bastard). Regardless once Anti-Matter dropped it was over. They obviously did mostly Seeing Sounds songs, but did a couple Fly or Die, and did a great little In Search Of... medley which included my favorite joint (Run To The Sun). Shit got heavy when Pharrell thought it'd be a good idea to invite every female in the joint on stage, then every female in the joint tried to get on stage. Security getting punked by a bunch of bitches = PRICELESS! and Pharrell sexually harrassing women mid song (Everybody Nose) was even better. Mayhem was restored and we now waited for Com.

We didn't wait long. Common hit the stage. Com's stage was set-up like a crappy bar/club. He invited some ugly slore on stage to rap to for about half the show. Lucky slore. He was dressed in this suspect leather jacket, but I'll give him a pass. SIDEBAR: The Shoe game of the people on stage (artists and band member) was SERIOUS, especially Common. He did like 4-5 songs from Universal Mind Control (formerly Invincible Summer), they went so hard. Gladiator was HARD [II], and Universal Mind Control (the single) was WAAAY better live. He did A LOT of Be material. No complaints, cept that he didn't do much older stuff (I mean at least 6th Sense c'mon!!!). Come Close live, there is nothing like. He brought Pharrell out for about half his set. And Common got to breaking on stage, it was serious. He IS a B-Boy. I spotted Taz Arnold and in the crowd. Shortly there after, Common brought out Will.I.Am to freestyle. Will's free was aight, but his kicks were fuckin AMAZING. Then he left and Com free'd, and served the fuck out of it. That's how the fuck you freestyle. He closed with Gladiator and the band kept it going after he left, DOPE FUCKIN SHOW. Then the goon squad and I shuffled out.

oh yea, i gave Meka a FREE ticket and he lives 4 minutes from the venue. he didn't come. LAZY


M* said...

meka, is kuku--i dont even know him, just his blog, haha

dude wasnt that rkelly interview hilarious-" at one point in my life i was lik a atm machine, lmao

tonite, me bananaclipse transfer chester french via email gotcha

superdope concert!!indeed


LaBellaVida said...

aww! my dreams of flashing pharrell could have come true!! seeing as how he invited these bitches on stage!! lmao

M* said...

1. We had a OLD timin couple too, i wanted to ask, who r u here to see? haha nah-- i was mad cuz his jerry curl was in my way! shit

2.Common got the spinnin and jammin = impressed

3. It was a badd idea for pharrell cuz i did get up there! =(

run to the sun everyones fav that nite