Sunday, December 14, 2008

A tale of good and bad and a MAJOR L

yesterday started out super awesome, cashed my check (which had some extra mulah!!) then shot to the hundreds to get my square adam hat and a Curly lost boys shirt (disney collab). Shouts to all the dumb fucks that waited in line, but i STILL GOT MINE...SUCKERS! then i kicked it with Meka, E-Dubb, Convinced, and a bunch Meks ppls. ALL GOOD. until the clipse/pacdiv free show. The flyer DIDNT say 21 and over, but no problem im 21. BUT!!! a playa left his ID at the crib (in my backpack from when i went to the gym). Still no problem cuz the dude inside said he'd let me in (PAUSE) *readies charlie murphy voice* WRONG WRONG! the city fire marshalls were there and NOT playin. The dude tried but couldnt get me in, so he told me sorry and gave me 2 free shirts. BOO!! Shouts to that dude, we need more ppl like that in the world. I'll post the footage that MekDot got when he posts it.

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