Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kimbo gets served

Kimbo got served. Last night it became clear that Kimbo's reckless run in pressure style needs to be more controlled because all it takes is one punch. He got stunned with a jab, but this aint boxing. Once u hit the deck beware. He caught some severe eye jammies. He still has MAD potential, but now its time for him to take a little caution is his stand up game. Really no one wants to stand with him, the guy was scared and retreating and threw a wild jab that happened to connect ONLY because Kimbo walked into it. Hopefully Kimbo learns and next fight comes out swingin!

**i thought he could take a punch but got downed by a JAB?!? WTF!

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i dont know about the fight man, i think that was a damn payout, kimbo has taken bigger dudes, and bugger shots then that...