Thursday, October 2, 2008


Murs and DJ Quick Freestyle @ Amoeba Records - LA - (9/30) from on Vimeo.

its 645 and im not tired (but im fuckin hungry), despite 2 hrs of hard workin out at the gym last night, and minimal sleep (although i always get minimal sleep). I also rode my bike 4 miles to work at 515am! but i have a surplus of energy, which probably means ill crash when i get home lol.

U know what really grinds my gears, EVERYTHING!

I was at the Murs joint at Amoeba at on tuesday. I shot over there straight from work. IT WAS CRAZY HOT! I was dying. but it was pretty live. Unlike Meka (who was mad late for the shit, perpetuating stereotypes), i enjoy listening to Murs, even when its not over 9th beats (although i prefer it). I stopped caring about Murs the moment I saw DJ Quik. I wanted to wait in line for the signing and meeting but the line was TOOOOO long ([II]?). I hope i get a chance to meet Quik again, but prolly not. but murs is always around LA go cop Murs for President you little yentas

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