Friday, October 31, 2008

Tha Hole's 21 Q's with H.E.R.


1.Besides the song, what is the reason for the name h.e.r.?
Hip Hop in its Essence and Real. I figured I’m a girl, and common’s record is a classic, why not use something that represents something I enjoy to promote.

2.What was one of your favorite songs growing up?
In all reality I didn’t fall in love with hip hop until I was in 10th grade.. It was the people I ended up being surrounded by that influenced me to actually listen to hip hop, Nas was my first introduction.. If I said Jewel was what I grew up listening to would that be awkward? lol

3.What got you into blogging?
I wanted to hear about music (hip hop) from a girl’s perspective, more conscious, no gossip or smart aleck hatred toward the music.. and in NC there are really no outlets to stay connected to raw hip hop so blogging has kept me in the loop.

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