Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Common The Eye

Sooo The Eye turned into Punch Drunk Love with Kanye on the hook. I dig it. Oh and I'm not posting it cuz I ALWAYS get my shit shut down for posting shit, although places with much bigger reps post and nothin happens. jsut an observation, and if you cant find the song, kill yourself!


M* said...

Thank Yewww, frickin beyonce was hawkin my lil bootlegged ass blog, like i cater to 1 trillion views n ish.


anywho thanks for that breakdown, cuz i was like i heard that song before-i first i thought it was called the fly, then the the eye then punch drunk.lol -- =D

InKd Out Clothing said...

i post whatever the fuck i want. check inkdoutclothing.com haha