Thursday, November 6, 2008

Love for Black, Hate for gays

on the other hand , i'm embarrassed by my state of residency , california , for accepting racial change , yet denouncing the right of legal marriage to gay & lesbian couples . sexism is just as sickening as racism , & i am appalled that so many people are still opposed to granting rights to every human being based on their differences in opinion & preference . - Miss Jack Davey**

refering to Voting for Obama and Yes on prop 8. People are tolerate of a black president (FINALLY) but not of gay marriage. Gay marriage doesnt affect you at ALL! all those propaganda ads got to you. I am NOT rocking with ANYONE who voted yes on 8. bestfriends included. hypocrites. grow up and accept that people are different. I am not gay but believe that we SHOULD be treated equally. It's upsetting to see how far we haven't come.

**another reason to add to why she's #1 on my list

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M* said...

i feels ya.

aye i gotta c tha way u react at a jdavey concert fareal u in love with tha misses