Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meka is hilarious

Inexplicably though was the fact that, during his reign of terror on the music industry, nobody would say shit while he was in charge of the Left Side’s rap scene, be it the fact that he was associated with Bloods, that he financed Death Row by dangling one Rob Van Winkle by his ankles over a 20th-story balcony the way Michael Jackson did his botched, diseased offspring Blanket, that his urban legend tales reached nigh-Freddy Krueger levels or a combination of all three. Where you think the inspiration for Deebo came from? - Meka

click for the rest. but this is the funniest shit i've read in a cool minute

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M* said...

haha good 1. LMAO

rob van winkle and deebo all in one paragraph! smh